Samstag, 13. September 2008

WE111: 2nd match on Saturday: Another match proving that Saxony-Anhalt’s Verbandsliga is weak

Mansfelder SV Eisleben 1:1 1. FC Romonta Amsdorf

Saturday, 13th September 2008 - kick-off time 15.00
Verbandsliga (6th level, 2nd amateur division)
Result: 1:1 after 91 min. (45/45+1) - Halftime 0:0
Goals: 0-1 79th Fengler, 1-1 89th Sedláček.
Bookings: 7 (3 Eisleben, 4 Amsdorf)
Sent-offs: Albrecht (Amsdorf, 81st; serious foul play)
Stadium: Städtischer Sportplatz (cap. 4,000; 10 seated)
Attendance: approx. 250 (at the fewest 50 away fans)
Match quality: 1.5/10 (weak)
Ground No. 248 (new ground; this season: 18)
Sporting event No. 659 (this season: 26)
Kilometres that day: 90km by train, 45 by bike
Km this season: 7,075 (4,810 car/ 1,520 public transport/ 745 bike)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 76
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 111

His last words before receiving his marching order: 'I just played the ball!'

14 further kilometres by bike - partially very difficult due to the wind blowing heavily from in front of us - we arrived in Eisleben, a nice town of slightly more than 20,000 inhabitants we already visited before. But we visited the old town only - not the stadium. This time we went to Eisleben for watching football in the small stadium only. When we arrived at the stadium, the players still prepared for the start of the match, so we could say: our time-schedule was correctly calculated - but calculating a bicycle route is far more difficult than a car route.
The match started in time and Eisleben had two great chances - in the whole first half… Both teams were running and fighting and so on, but absolutely incapable to score a goal or just to set their opponent’s defence under pressure. The match quality rate went down towards 0.0 - the lowest possible rating.
I set the rating to 0.0 in my mind after 60 minutes and started complaining a lot - as some of the 250 fans, especially the 50 away fans, did as well. Especially when the referee did not count a goal of Eisleben due to hand ball playing, remarks like: ‘what is that wanker doing’ were made by me. Some players had to cope with being called ‘dossers’, ‘idiots’, and ‘arseholes’. ‘Unbelievable what a shitty kind of football those bunch of gays is playing’ was a remark made by another fan.
But those bunch of gays even managed to score a goal although I saw the series being stopped after 75 matches. Amsdorf scored by a counter after 79 minutes. Two minutes later a player of Romonta Amsdorf was sent-off due to playing seriously foul. After 89 minutes Eisleben equalised - deservedly!
Some further fouls punished by yellow cards later, the match was ended.
We went back to Erdeborn by bike, took the train to Halle, had to wait almost one hour this time to catch the train to Merseburg (waiting one hour for riding 13 minutes!) and arrived in the evening there.

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