Dienstag, 9. September 2008

Graffiti and Murals in my Home Town

Today I went out for an hour by bike. Only 10km within the city for having a look at some things that were made new. First, the graffiti wall - or wall of fame - near the train station, second, the mural in a street in Merseburg-Neumarkt and third, the meadow at the old paper mill. Though there is still much rubble, one half is now a park.

In between these three points, I had a look at the board on the ESV sports ground, that indicates the next matches - so I found a match for the next Friday evening - and I managed to ride faster than allowed in one of the streets were only 30km/h are permitted...

Check out my newest pictures of Merseburg: http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x68/fchmksfkcb/080909%20Merseburg%20-%20Graffiti%20und%20Wandmalereien/

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