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WE111 III: 15 bouts, 5 different fighting styles and the physio with the hooligan-shirt

Merseburger Fight Night in Spergau

Sunday, 14th September 2008 - show programme 14.00-17.15, regular fights 17.30-22.15
Regional, national and international bouts
Sports hall: Jahrhunderthalle Spergau (cap. 1,500 seated)
Attendance: about 1,000
Overall quality: 7.5/10 (very entertaining)
Weakest fight: Papp vs Brösel (boxing)
Worst fighter: Rashad Kerimow (boxing)
Best fight: Friedrich vs Rödel (freefight)
Best fighter: Reimann (full-contact kickboxing)

Results as listed below:
Boxing: Milan Papp def. Thomas Brösel - K.O. Rd. 1
Muay Thai: Patrick Mittag lt. Pascal Wendler - on points
Freefight: Christian Koczur lt. Steve Rokohl - on points
Muay Thai (female): Ulrike Göhl lt. Julian Göring - on points
K1: Dominik Stedefeld lt. Christopher Krolle - on points
Muay Thai: Sebastian Holzmann def. Sandro Zanke - Submission Rd. 3
Freefight: Marco Dünzl def. Alex Mikus - K.O. Rd. 1 (0:50)
Boxing: Steve Krögel def. Roy Meißner - on points
K1: Mario Köhler lt. Olaf Hartmann - T.K.O. Rd. 3
Boxing: Rashad Kerimow drew Andreas Gellwitz
Freefight: Thomas Friedrich lt. Tim Rödel - submission Rd. 1 (4:59)
Boxing: Roman Golovashenko def. Xhavid Shabani - K.O. Rd. 1 (0:40)
Freefight: Lars Roch lt. Mike Stumbries - on points
K1: Daniel Zöllner def. Alexej Rein - on points
Kickboxing (full-contact, international): Jan Reimann (Halle/ Saale, Germany) def. Cathel Manning (Galway, Ireland) - on points
Ground No. 248 (Not a new ground; this season: 18)
Sporting event No. 660 (this season: 27)
Kilometres that day: 25 by bike
Km this season: 7,100 (4,810 car/ 1,520 public transport/ 770 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 111

Due to the wide range of sports showed within five hours, I could add four more sports to my statistics ‘watched sports’. Namely these sports were: K1, full-contact kickboxing, Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) and freefight. The fifth kind of sport in which fighters participated in that evening was already familiar to me: boxing.
After the show-programme - among the three bands and five dance groups was the band in which a friend of mine plays the drum set. That band is called ‘Rücksaite’ - the first fight was a boxing bout. When the ring announcer - a disturbing, large, fat and bold guy, by the way - introduced the stonemason Brösel debuting that evening, I did not expect much. But when he introduced his opponent Papp - a semi-professional boxer already having 208 bouts in his records - I thought that would be a damned one-sided fight. The third shock came when the announcer named the weight class: super heavyweight. OK, I thought, two fat idiots incapable of boxing properly will punch each other in the ring... Almost. The debutant behaved like that I’ve been afraid of, his opponent Papp showed some average skills of boxing. Papp knocked Gödel out after not even two minutes.
I remembered the words that I heard in the foyer: one freefighter greeted another one: ‘Hi, you old funfair boxer!’ ''Na, du alter Rummel-Boxer''All the elderly fans, remembering the times when boxing was a great deal on funfairs, know why I found that remark funny…
Luckily, the second fight might have been one-sided but not as short and as weak as the first one. Not a highlight but nonetheless worth watching was the Muay Thai fight between Mittag and Wendler. Wendler was clearly better but renounced to knock Mittag out. He dominated him and won on points.
The third fight was the first really good one: a freefight bout - also known as Vale Tudo; the Portuguese-Brazilian word for ‘everything goes’ - and yes: (almost) everything went in that fight, but strangely enough none of the fighters took the other one off the feet or smashed him on the ring floor. A freefight bout without crappling is rare but still good. Rokohl defeat Koczur on points.
After that bout two ladies went to the ring - the first one an advocate from Dessau, the other one a chemist from Merseburg - to fight it out in the Thai way of boxing. They did a good job and after six short and entertaining minutes, the advocate Göring defeat the chemist Göhl on points.
The fourth kind of martial arts - K1 - was showed in the fifth bout. Krolle took on Stedefeld, both had a good bout that Krolle won on points.
After that, Holzmann beat Zanke in a Muay Thai bout after kicking him to the ground in the third round.
The next bout - a freefight bout - was extremely short. Mikus needed more time to enter the ring than to lose the fight to his opponent Dünzl. Dünzl simply hit him after not more than 45 seconds with a right hand to the head, than stomped Mikus’ chest to the floor and beating him in his head. Right! That is freefight, vale tudo, everything goes: even attacking an opponent that lies on the ground! However, that has nothing to do with a street fight or unsportsmanlike conduct, because Dünzl stopped pummelling his opponent immediately after the bell was rang.
Then another boring boxing bout was fought out: Krögel defeat Meißner on points with defensive and lame techniques.
The next bout, second K1 fight: Hartmann - that guy was a member of my confirmands group - beat Köhler after eight minutes with simply always kicking to Köhler’s thighs.
The third boxing bout and the third disturbing action: Gellwitz simply dominated Kerimow but nonetheless - although Kerimow just punched the air and not his oppoenent - that bunch of corrupt idiots, the so-called judges, decided that this fight (not even being of average quality) was a draw.
Luckily, the next bout let us forget the anger of that one before: another freefight bout and than the best one of that evening. Rödel beat Friedrich in a thrilling fight after he brought him into a submission hold. Friedrich could not stand it more than 12 seconds, although he was put in that hold just 13 seconds before the break.
Last chance for the boxers to show that it was not useless to bring their sport to Spergau: Golovashenko vs Shabani. 40 seconds and the fight was over. So either watch professional boxing or amateur boxing - both is better than semi-professional.
Then the weakest of the four freefight bouts was fought out: Stumbries - coming to the ring with the ‘Mexico’-song by ‘Böhse Onkelz’, a German rock band that is disputed because of an extreme rightwing background - beat Roch after the full distance of 10 minutes. 9 minutes crappling. Many would name the cut on Stumbries’ forehead as the highlight of the match.
The last K1 fight of the evening and the third guy of the Russian-German connection of Olaf Hartmann came to the ring. Rein lost his fight on points to Zöllner. Neither a weak, nor a great fight.
The last fight of the evening was the second best fight in the last new kind of sport: kickboxing. After the national anthems of both Republics were played, the international full-contact fight started. The German fighter Jan Reimann from Halle was better over the majority of the 15 minutes than his Irish opponent Cathel Manning. In a boxing bout the result would have been arbitrarily made, but the three judges made clear that Reimann was better, so he was declared winner on points.
That last fight of the evening surely was one of the best fights, one of the highlights.
Now something about the fans: the large number of about 1,000 visitors was really satisfying. The only thing that was not satisfying was that most of them were really lame. Even not the hooligan and neo-Nazi guys were ready for action. Even not the typical chants as ‘Hooligans! Hooligans!’ could be heard and no-one wanted his favourite fighter to ‘kill’ his opponents or to ‘beat the shit out of that dirty son of a bitch’. So it was quite quiet although the amount of shady people - even one of the fighter’s physios wore a shirt on which the word ‘hooligan’ was printed in large letters, there were some neo-Nazis with T-shirts and jackets clearly indicating their dangerous and shitty political opinion and even Merseburg’s sacked former mayor (sacked because of the large amount of children pornography pictures on his computer) could be seen - hanging around.
My last point is the catering service and the entrance fee: Catering was not so great but not expensive. Bratwurst, steak, herring rolls, Bockwurst, cola, beer etc. Really great was the price-performance-ratio, which is very rare in Germany. 8€ for a seat on the stand and 12€ for a chair near to the ring is really not expensive. Only the surcharge for buying the tickets at the box office before the start of the event was quite high: 2€ more for the stand and even 3€ more for the chairs.
All in all I have to say that I can recommend such sports as Muay Thai and freefight, but you should not have problems appreciating martial arts. Unfortunately there are a lot of people thinking that martial arts are only performed by primitive idiots who like to beat each other. Every male martial artist is a brutal rowdy and every female one is even worse to their mind. Strangely enough - or consequently? - the aforementioned people never ever saw an event like this live in their life, nor did they think of the large number of - especially female - victims of street violence and the low number of martial artists that can be found among the offenders and victims of such crimes. Only a minority of robbers, rapists etc. was ever introduced in a martial art and a vanishingly small number of the victims practised martial arts. But a large number of men and even more women thinking ‘martial arts is for rowdies’ are among these victims.
Be that as it may, I’m looking forward to the next event like this, next time maybe an event with a smaller range of sports - maybe freefight only or so. Last but not least: thanks to Ilse who gave me the idea to watch an event like that one in Spergau. He visited two freefight events in Halle last year and was very satisfied with the quality of the fights and the circumstances as that hooligans participated in the open category bringing action to the ring with their street fighters style - it is very difficult to fight clean and successful as a martial artist against such guys - or the emotional audience.

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