Samstag, 13. September 2008

WE111: 1st match on Saturday: A football ground on a former castle yard

SV Blau Weiß Bornstedt II 4:0 KSG Holdenstedt - Beyernaumburg II

Saturday, 13th September 2008 - kick-off time 12.30
1. Kreisklasse Mansfeld-Südharz III (11th level, 7th amateur division)
Result: 4:0 after 94 min. (45+3/45+1) - Halftime 2:0
Goals: 1-0 6th Zibell, 2-0 24th Ziervogel, 3-0 51st Tamaş, 4-0 61st Ziervogel
Bookings: None.
Sent-offs: None.
Ground: Sportplatz Bornstedt (cap. 1,100; 20 seated)
Attendance: 15 (no away fans)
Match quality: 5.0/10 (average)

Ground No. 247 (new ground; this season: 17)
Sporting event No. 658 (this season: 25)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 75
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 111

We took an early train from Merseburg to Halle, had breakfast at the train station in Halle - what should you do else when you have to wait 45 minutes for a train that does not even need 30 minutes to bring you to your destination? - and then took the second train to Erdeborn, a village at the edge of the Harz mountains. The only reason why we went off the train there was the limited validation of our ticket. You pay 6€ per person and you only have to ride certain routes of at the longest 2x50km. Merseburg - Halle - Erdeborn is about that length and furthermore not far away from our two destinations that day.
The first one was a 13km bike ride away. There were many slight downhill tracks, very well paved, so - with help of the wind from the back - we rode half of the way with 30-45km/h. That aforementioned first destination is a village of 900 inhabitants called Bornstedt. The main sight of Bornstedt is visible from a distance of several kilometres: the keep of the castle rises high above the wooded hill. To reach the castle you have to ride a dusty, stony, not paved road. If you turn to the left at the first crossing you will immediately run through the gate of the upper castle - that part of the castle that is quite well preserved. The keep isn’t opened regularly, nor is the museum, nor the restaurant. You will wonder that the castle gate is open - even day and night. However. There are remnants of two other keeps and several restored smaller buildings as well as defensive walls. Turn to the right and you will enter the lower castle. There is nothing to see but remnants of the ring walls. And what was built into the yard of the lower castle? Right, the football ground. Unfortunately, you can’t see the keep of the upper castle during summer due to lush vegetation and not a single medieval stone survived the building activities in the 18th century. Later on - about 1946 or so - the ground was built up there.
There were to matches scheduled that day, but we only watched the first one. Half past one the elderly man in red - I mean the referee - blew for kick-off. Blau-Weiß Bornstedt II played against KSG Holdenstedt - Beyernaumburg II - a match of the lowest division in the region of Mansfeld-Südharz. Although not sounding after an interesting match, it was one. After 7 minutes Bornstedt hammered the ball in the net. Not even ten minutes later, a player with the strange surname Ziervogel - I hope I understood the announcer correctly, Ziervogel means ‘pet bird’ in English - scored. Until the referee blew for halftime, there wasn’t another goal added to the scorecard, but nonetheless both teams played engaged and the match was worth watching.
After the break, Bornstedt added two more goals to their tally within 10 minutes. Another goal by the ‘pet bird’ and one by an Albanian (or Bosnian?) player.
The dialogue of the match was held when players from Ritterrode - BW Bornstedt against Ritterrode was the match after that Kreisklasse-match that we could watch for free - arrived. A really overweighed player of Holdenstedt/ Beyernaumburg made a correct line-out. Nonetheless one of the Ritterrode players shouted: ‘incorrect throw-in!’ The Holdenstedt player’s answer: ‘shut up!’ Ritterrode’s player reply: ‘Uh… that guy without a neck is talking to me…’ Holdenstedt player: ‘Your mum!’
In German: >> - Falscher Einwurf! -- Machn Kopp zu! - Uh… der Typ ohne Hals labert mich voll! -- Deine Mudda! <<

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