Montag, 22. September 2008

WE112III: Idyllic Leipzig City Division; two matches in Bienitz

SG Leipzig-Bienitz II 2:4 Leipziger SV Südwest II
Sunday, 21st September 2008 - kick-off time 13.20 (planned: 13.00)
3. Leipzig-Liga (11th level, 7th amateur level)
Result: 2:4 after 90 min. (45/45) - Halftime 1:3
Goals: 0:1 1st (?), 0:2 8th (?), 1:2 38th (?), 1:3 43rd (?), 1:4 53rd (?), 2:4 82nd (?)
Bookings: 3 (2 leading to expulsion) Bienitz II, 2 LSV Südwest II
Sent-offs: 87th (?) (Bienitz, foul and arguing with referee)
Ground: Sportanlage Heinz Müller (cap. 1,000; 100 seated)
Attendance: about 50 (max. 3 away fans)
Match quality: 5.5/10 (slightly above average)

SG Leipzig-Bienitz 3:0 TSV 1893 Leipzig-Wahren
Sunday, 21st September 2008 - kick-off time 15.05 (planned: 15.00)
2. Leipzig-Liga (10th level, 6th amateur level)
Result: 3:0 after 94 min. (45/45+4) - Halftime 1:0
Goals: 1:0 29th (?), 2:0 84th (?), 3:0 90th+1st (?)
Bookings: Bienitz 2, Wahren none
Sent-offs: None
Ground: Sportanlage Heinz Müller (cap. 1,000; 100 seated)
Attendance: about 90 (min. 5 away fans)
Match quality: 6.0/10 (above average)

Ground No. 250 (new ground; this season: 20)
Sporting event No. 664 (this season: 31)
Kilometres that day: 55 (by bike)
Km this season: 7,255 (4,810 car, 1,520 public transport, 925 bike)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 79
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 112

We started two hours before the planned kick-off of the first match, not expecting more than one and a half hour for 26 kilometres. We did not even need 75 minutes by bike to arrive at the ground named after Heinz Müller - he must be or have been a honourable sportsmen playing for that amateur club situated at the western edge of Leipzig.
SG Bienitz plays in Burghausen, a suburb of Leipzig, not to be confused with the town in Bavaria that is well known for its 3rd Bundesliga club. Bienitz is the name of a wooded hill between the three Leipzig suburbs Burghausen, Rückmarsdorf and Dölzig, three former independent villages that merged to a village called Bienitz (after that hill) in 1994. Bienitz was dissolved and suburbanised into Leipzig in 1999 under the names of the three former villages Burghausen, Dölzig and Rückmarsdorf.
Nonetheless, the club did not change its name.

The first match started 20 minutes later because one had to find a referee due to the not-show of the regular referee. When someone with a refereeing license was found, he took the whistle and 25 seconds after he blew for the kick-off, the ball went over the goal line. Not a good start for the host’s B-Team, when one player of LSV Südwest ran 30m straight to the goal and just hammered it into the net.
Seven minutes later, another player went for the second goal for Südwest.
When thinking ‘oh, that could end up in a two-digit result’ Südwest wasn’t successful anymore. They still played engaged but not successful anymore. More over, Bienitz II became better. Wasting some great chances - they were incapable to score although staying two metres in front of the goal - Bienitz had great luck when the goalkeeper made a mistake that led to Bienitz’s first goal.
Few minutes before the break, a free-kick was awarded to Südwest II. It was a successful one due to the weak behaviour of the Bienitz goalkeeper, who just let the ball roll through his arms.
After that we went inside the small club restaurant. It wasn’t cheap but good. Rostbrätl, onions, potatoes and salad - as good as it was - isn’t worth 7.20€. Either 5.00€ for that or a larger plate!
From some of the tables you could see the match, so we did not miss the 1:4 for the visiting team. We went outside after paying the bill and there we had to wait a while until the next but last goal was scored. 2:4 was the final result for Südwest.

After a break of several minutes, the next match was kicked-off. Although it was - as it ought to be - better than the first match, the players needed a while until they scored for the first time.
In that match, Bienitz was the better team. Leipzig-Wahren was not weak but not good enough to score even one single goal.
Nonetheless the match was thrilling until seven minutes before the regular end. Then Bienitz successfully executed one of their many chances for a second goal.
Shortly before the end, they even scored a third time. All the home fans - the youngsters as well as the alcoholics, the steward who was talking all the time as well as the family that brought everybody along to the match: mum, dad, brother, the three sisters, grandma and grandpa - applauded joyfully after that good show of Bienitz.

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