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WE153I: Winterthur dominates the World Cup tournament in Magdeburg - Post SV increased towards the end

Cycle Ball World Cup - Tournament in Magdeburg
Saturday, 4th July 2009 - begin 11.30
Tournament of the Cycle Ball World Cup Season 2009
Goals: 198 in 27 matches (average: 7.3 per match)
Bookings: none
Sent-offs: none
Sports hall: Hermann-Gieseler-Halle (cap. 1,500 seated)
Attendance: 30-100 (1st round), 150 (final round)
Day-out entertainment: 7.0/10 (fine at all)
On a hot Saturday morning, we went by train to Magdeburg where a tournament of the cycle ball world cup was scheduled in the Hermann-Gieseler-Halle, that is usually used for handball and basketball matches. The under-aged teams of SC Magdeburg - the famous handball club - usually play their matches in that old market hall. It is one of Germany’s oldest and most beautiful sports halls.
In the following I will come to every match of the tournament that started without any show in front of 30 fans at 11.30. If not indicated in another way, all the teams are from Germany.
I can anticipate the fact that in the next hours, the number of visitors rose to up to 150.
Stahlroß Obernfeld 10:1 Post Magdeburg
The hosts were absolutely nervous, so they were devastated in a one-sided match by one of Germany’s best teams. Obernfeld dominated in every department, so that that drivelling idiot in our row - a former cycle ball player, who did not get any of the changes in that sport in the recent 40 years - shut up complaining about the fact that Obernfeld was substitution for another team only.

Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg 8:5 SC Kolárovo (SVK)
One of the best matches in that tournament, not only because it saw a lot of goals, but because of the technical skills of Ehrenberg and the fighting spirit of Kolárovo - it was their best match in the tournament - as well.

MO Svitávka (CZ) 3:4 SNA Gent (BEL)
Gent - usually they finish 9th or 10th in such a tournament - was surprisingly good. The Belgian champion defeated one of Czechs mediocre teams by one goal in a partially boring match.

SC Svitávka (CZ) 4:3 RC Höchst 2 (AUT)
MO’s town rivals SC did it better against one of Austria’s top teams by defeating them with the same result in a better match.

VMC Oftringen (SUI) 4:3 Post Magdeburg
After an absolutely embarrassing performance of Magdeburg, the weak Swiss team from Oftringen won 4:3. Twice a minute, Magdeburg’s Gollos fall off the bike. In that match, it seemed as they could not play cycle ball. They made mistakes, that only absolute beginners make and complained and fouled totally unprofessional. What a poor performance!

RV Winterthur (SUI) 8:1 SC Kolárovo (SVK)
The Swiss top team was dominating the whole match: Winterthur played very impressive cycle ball, while Kolárovo was as weak as expected.

Stahlroß Obernfeld 3:2 SNR Gent (BEL)
In an average match, Obernfeld defeated the Belgian champion by one goal only.

Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg 4:1 RC Höchst 2 (AUT)
Another average match, another three goals difference victory of Ehrenberg near Altenburg, Thuringia. The second half was not half as good as the first one.

MO Svitávka (CZ) 3:3 VMC Oftringen (SUI)
Not a good performance by neither Svitávka nor Oftringen. Finally a deserved draw.

SC Svitávka (CZ) 5:5 RV Winterthur (SUI)
Once again SC played far better than MO. This match was the best of the entire tournament! Five times the Czechs went in front by one goal, but the Swiss always equalised immediately: 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, half time, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3, 4-4, 5-4, 5-5. Another deserved draw.

SNA Gent (BEL) 7:4 Post Magdeburg
The third match in which Gent showed quite good skills, and the first one in which Magdeburg did that. Unfortunately their lack of concentration and power in the last three minutes made them loss.

RC Höchst 2 (AUT) 6:4 SC Kolárovo (SVK)
Average match, but many goals.

VMC Oftringen (SUI) 1:3 Stahlroß Obernfeld
That was the weakest match of the tournament.

Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg 1-4 RV Winterthur (SUI)
Winterthur easily defeated Ehrenberg in a match that was better in the first half.

MO Svitávka (CZ) 3:4 Post Magdeburg
Magdeburg’s first victory, consequently against one of the weakest teams in the world cup. A deserved win all in all.

SC Svitávka (CZ) 5:2 SC Kolárovo (SVK)
A boring match after a good performance of a young lady showing artistic biking.

VMC Oftringen (SUI) 2:2 SNA Gent (BEL)
A draw without highlights.

RC Höchst 2 (AUT) 2:4 RV Winterthur (SUI)
Winterthur played an excellent style in the first eight minutes, then they waited for counter strikes. The dark-haired guy from Höchst disturbed everybody with his stupid way of complaining about nonsense. Nice scene, when a Winterthur played put his bike in that guy’s way when he run with his bike off the ground for reparation work, so that the Höchst player felt over his bike.

Stahlroß Obernfeld 7:3 MO Svitávka (CZ)
A lot of goals in a one-sided game.

Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg 7:1 SC Svitávka (CZ)
An embarrassing performance of the world champion Svitávka. They were devastated by Ehrenberg - a team that is impotent to play good in every tournament, so they have a wide range of results - with 7:1. Especially in the second half, Svitáka behaved aggressive and unfair towards Ehrenberg players.

That was the last match of the first round. The tables were as follows:

Group A:
1. Stahlroß Obernfeld 23:7 goals, 12 points
2. SNA Gent (BEL) 15:12, 7
3. VMC Oftringen (SUI) 10:11, 5
4. Post Magdeburg 12:24, 3
5. MO Svitávka (CZ) 12:18, 1

Group B:
1. RV Winterthur (SUI) 21:9, 10
2. Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg 13:10, 9
3. SC Svitávka (CZ) 14:10, 7
4. RC Höchst 2 (AUT) 12:16, 3
5. SC Kolárovo 12:27, 0

Then the placement matches were played.

Place 9/10: MO Svitávka 4:4/ 6:5p SC Kolárovo
In a good and thrilling match, MO avoided the last spot in a long penalty shoot-out after the match finished even.

Semi-final 1: Stahlroß Obernfeld 1:2 Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg
Three goals in one match was the lowest goal rate, 7.3 being average. But despite that, it was an entertaining match of good quality.

Semi-final 2: SNA Gent (BEL) 3:5 RV Winterthur (SUI)
Far more goals but not as good as the other semi-final. Winterthur went in front by four goals in the first half, immediately scored after the change of sides and then did not do anything, so Gent was able to score three times.

Place 7/8: Post Magdeburg 2:2/ 3:1p RC Höchst 2 (AUT)
A goalless draw at half-time, then two goals on each side and finally Gollos on a height in the penalty shoot-out. That guy really increased his performance from match to match within that tournament.

Place 5/6: SC Svitávka (CZ) 5:4 VMC Oftringen (SUI)
After a second artistic cycling performance by a young lady, the world champions fought for the fifth place. Not satisfying for them, but better than place six. In an even match, Svitávka won - despite a 4:3 deficit two minutes before the end - 5:4.

Place 3/4: Stahlroß Obernfeld 3:1 SNA Gent (BEL)
In a close match, Obernfeld obtained the third place with a deserved victory. Gent can be satisfied with that fourth place, usually they finish ninth or tenth.

Final: RV Winterthur (SUI) 7:3 Blau-Gelb Ehrenberg
There can’t be any discussions: Winterthur was the best team in that tournament and the most dominating team I ever saw in a cycle ball world cup event. Despite Ehrenberg was up twice to the beginning of the final match, Winterthur kept cool and countered. 6:2 at half time. 7:3 was the final result in a one-sided final match.

Winterthur is one of the favourites for gaining the title that is offered next year in March in a last tournament in Chemnitz.
Ground No. 328 (not a new ground; this season: 98)
Sporting event No. 835 (this season: 202)
Kilometres that day: 210 (200 train, 10 bike)
Km this season: 26,490 (12,810 car; 5,570 public transport; 5,150 bike; 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 35
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 153

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