Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

WE151II: This time, Leuna hadn’t to wait long for the first goal

TSV Leuna 1919 AH 7:0 SV Wallendorf AH
Friday, 19th June 2009 - kick-off time 18.00
Friendly match old boys’
Result: 7:0 after 65 min. (33/32) - Halftime 4:0
Goals: 1-0 1st Mario Melchior, 2-0 11th Frank Fulde, 3-0 13th No. 6, 4-0 25th No. 6, 5-0 38th Hölzlein, 6-0 44th No. 6, 7-0 58th Mario Melchior
Bookings: none
Sent-offs: none
Grounds: Sportstätte der Jugend (cap. 1,000; 10 seated)
Attendance: 8 (4 away fans)
Match quality: 7.0/10 (fine)

As usual on Fridays, we watched an old boys’ match (over-35), this time TSV Leuna took on SV Wallendorf. Actually I expected the match to be played in the Stadium of Peace (Stadion des Friedens), but it was played at the Sports Ground of the Youth (Sportstätte der Jugend). No problem though, we arrived right to the kick-off, but Leuna did not hang about: we could not even take a seat under the roof before Leuna scored their first goal. In the last match of them we watched, Leuna needed an hour to score. In the next 15 minutes, Leuna showed really good playing skills - especially compared to other seniors’ teams - and scored twice, while Wallendorf did their best and wasted some chances. Leuna scored a fourth goal before the break.
After the break, Leuna had great chances for setting the scoreboard to a two-digit-result, but wasted most of them, so that they “only” added three further goals to their tally. Wallendorf was not very bad or so, but failed all the time in front of the penalty area. Even when they entered the penalty area, they were not able to force the ball over the line. Not even a ridiculous penalty helped them: they missed it by a shot to the left post.
The final result of that nice match was a 7-0.
Ground No. 326 (not a new one; this season: 96 new grounds)
Sporting event No. 828 (this season: 195)
Kilometres that day: 10 (bike)
Km this season: 26,080 (12,810 car/ 5,370 public transport/ 4,940 bike/ 2,960 plane)!
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 33
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 151

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