Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

WE147III: 10 yellow cards but just 1 goal scored

SV 48 Bruckdorf 0:1 Hallesche Transport Betriebe
Saturday, 23rd May 2009 - kick-off time 15.00
Stadtliga Halle (10th level, 5th amateur level)
Result: 0:1 after 95 min. (47/48) - Halftime 0:1
Goal: 42nd Minute
Bookings: Bruckdorf 6, HTB 4
Sent-offs: none
Ground: Sportplatz Bruckdorf (cap. 800)
Attendance: 45 (10 away fans)
Match quality: 5.0/10 (average)

The first thing we did when we arrived in Halle, was buying the overpriced tickets for the cup final of Saxony-Anhalt (Landespokal Sachsen-Anhalt). 18€ for good seats. 18€ for comfortable seats in a covered, modern stadium? O.K.! But 18€ for semi-professional footballers? Rip-off! And those shit heads from Magdeburg did not sell reduced tickets to the shop in Halle.
We went on to a suburb called Bruckdorf for watching football on a boring, featureless ground surrounded by a Bundesstrasse and some allotment gardens.
The match started slowly, but after 15 minutes, we had seen some shots on the goal by the visiting team SG HTB. The hauliers - Transport Betriebe refers to a hauliers company - were the better team all over the first half. From 15th to 30th minute the match was lame, but leastwise a Bruckdorf player committed a foul in the penalty area. He accused his opponent of a dive, and disturbingly, that referee did not award a penalty to HTB. However, they came back with great scoring chances once again. After 42 minutes, Bruckdorf deservedly scored the first and only goal of the match. Mainly due to ill-discipline of the hosts. Two Bruckdorf players tackled one attacker in the penalty-box, but he was able to pass the ball across and while four Bruckdorf players verbally attacked the abovementioned HTB player, another one passed across again so that finally a third one tapped in.
The problem concerning Bruckdorf’s discipline continued in the second half. 9 out of 10 referee decisions were right, but Bruckdorf players, fans and officials complained about all the 10 referee decisions. All the time, they were provoking and complaining. It must be difficult as a referee, to cope with a team, were many players shout “hand play!” when they shot against an opponent’s shoulder, or “foul!” when an opponent cleanly took the ball from a Bruckdorf player. Sometimes they even called opponents “wanker” or used other vulgar words unheard by the referee. One of the linesmen was threatened after the match, because he revoked the supposed equaliser due to an offside position 10 minutes before the final whistle.
Although Bruckdorf played better than HTB in the second half, I granted HTB the victory and couldn’t help laughing at those unfriendly hosts.
Ground No. 314 (new ground; this season: 84)
Sporting event No. 809 (this season: 176)
Kilometres that day: 40km by bike
Km this season: 24.415 (12,810 car/ 4,335 bike/ 4,310 public transport/ 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 17
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 147

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