Samstag, 16. Mai 2009

WE146III: Two amateur matches in Halle, two new grounds

SG Hallesche Transport Betriebe II 3:2 TSG Wörmlitz-Böllberg III
Saturday, 16th May 2009 - kick-off time 13.00
1. Stadtklasse Halle (11th level, 7th amateur level)
Result: 3:2 after 96 min. (49/47) - Halftime 1:1
Goals: 0-1 13th, 1-1 15th, 1-2 72nd, 2-2 79th, 2-3 83rd
Bookings: 2 yellow cards TSG III
Sent-offs: none
Ground: Sportplatz am Goldberg - HTB (cap. 1,000)
Attendance: 16 (7 away supporters)
Match quality: 5.5/10 (slightly above average)

Reideburger SV 1:1 SV Blau-Weiß Dölau
Saturday, 16th May 2009 - kick-off time 15.00
Stadtoberliga Halle (9th level, 5th amateur level)
Result: 1:1 after 94 min. (46/48) - Halftime 1:1
Goals: 1-0 3rd, 1-1 11th
Bookings: RSV 2, BWD 4
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Reidburger Sportanlage (cap. 1,000; 20 seated)
Attendance: 50 (15 away fans)
Match quality: 4.5/10 (slightly below average)

We made our way trough the congested traffic of Halle - that’s the only thing, why Halle can be called a big city: that fucking traffic! - to the northeast of the city. In that part of the city, Halle is very rural. Unpaved roads, trees, meadows and between small houses and allotment gardens, there is an unspectacular football ground. You will miss the entrance if you don’t know it, because it looks like an entrance to one of the gardens.
The hosting team is called SG HTB - Sport Gemeinschaft Hallesche Transport Betriebe - and that day its B-Team played a match against the C-Team of Wörmlitz-Böllberg. The visiting team took the lead with a nice goal through a shot from inside the penalty area after a short while. But only two minutes later, SG HTB equalised with another nice goal. The match remained on a high level until half time.
After the break, the match’s quality decreased. Luckily, from the 65th minute on, the match became better once more. In minute 72nd, the technically and tactically superior team - Wörmlitz-Böllberg - took the lead. Seven minutes later, HTB equalised once again, this time by a wonderful banana shot from a 30m distance into the angle of the goal. After Transport Betriebe scored a third time, which should be the final goal, in minute 83, the match saw its best and most thrilling phase. Two times HTB hit the post and there were three shots on the goal that only a defender standing on the goal line could stop.
3:2 was the final result and we immediately made our way south-east towards Reideburg’s ground, which is not too easy, because there is a closed road close to the ground of HTB. Crossing a four lane Bundesstrasse by bike is not that easy… I do not know why that shitty hicktown Halle can’t build a bridge or some traffic lights there.
We almost came too late in Reideburg, but we saw the first goal, and after the second one, we ordered some Bockwursts. However, it was a fast-paced and entertaining match on an interesting ground. You can even call it a stadium, because of the tiny tribune.
The middle of the first half wasn’t good anymore, but few minutes before the break, the match became better. In the second half some players were cautioned due to foul play or unsportsmanlike conduct. It was funny from time to time, how often players complained about the referee, although that guy and his two assistants were really confident.
Due to the weak exploitation of scoring chances, the match ended 1-1. Luckily we were in time: it must have been annoying, when you came 12 minutes too late to the match…
Ground No. 311 (two new grounds; this season: 81)
Sporting event No. 806 (this season: 173)
Kilometres that day: 50 (bike)
Km this season: 23,800 (12,810 car; 4,120 bike; 4,010 public transport; 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 14
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 146

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