Freitag, 31. Oktober 2008

WE118I: Reformation Day - not Halloween...

Horse Racing Event in Halle/ Saale;
Rennen zum Reformationstag

Friday, 31st October 2008 - begin 12.00
Hippodrome: Pferderennbahn Passendorfer Wiesen (cap. 7,500; 2,500 seated)
Attendance: about 3,000
Day out entertainment: 6.0/10 (OK)

Ground No. 260 (not a new ground; this season: 30)
Sporting event No. 689 (this season: 56)
Kilometres that day: 40 (bike)
Km this season: 8,180 (4,810 car; 1,760 train; 1,610 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 118

This time, my family and I visited the traditional horse racing event on Reformation Day. That day is the reason why there is a sports event at noon. Although you will see loads of small children - as I did on my way back home - that do not know anything about the reason of their leisure time and simply know what Halloween is.
Of course I’m one of those spoil sports who refuse to give candy to stupid little children in stupid costumes…

The finish results were as follows:
Race name, length
Rank Jockey/ Horse

RACE Race, 2200m
1 Silverio/ Inetta
2 Best/ Potenzi
3 Panov/ Kira Kiralina

b.i.g. - Gruppe Race I, 1500m
1 Pietzsch/ Theetjen
2 Mrs Bromann/ Bayard
3 Schulepov/ Kadeau de l’Est

b.i.g. - Gruppe Race II, 1500m
1 Pattinson/ Flemming
2 Mrs Murke La Belle
3 Pedroza/ Maccetto

Saalesparkassen Race I, 1200m
1 Richter/ Rose des Vents
2 Pietzsch/ S’Kotten Dancer
3 Jureacek/ Phaleada

Saalesparkassen Race II, 1350m
1 Suborics/ Irika
2 Pietzsch/ Abrafax
3 Chan/ Pythonga

Öffenliche Versicherungen Sachsen Anhalt (ÖSA) Race, 1500m
1 Schulepov/ Miss Bounty (GB)
2 Best/ Ibikus (AUT)
3 Werning/ Milliana

Gestüt Röttgen - BRAG (Auction Race, Grand Prix & Main Event: 36,000€ trophy money) Race, 1750m
1 Helfenbein/ Manita (IRE)
2 Richter/ Rosegarden
3 Pedroza/ Swing And Rock (IRE)

Freunde des Rennsports Race, 2200m
1 Mrs Reese/ Vaarom
2 Mrs Bromann/ Iscover
3 Silverio/ Bombalik
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