Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

WE117III: Tschakko’s hat trick obtains Holleben success

TSV 78 Holleben 3:2 SSV 90 Landsberg II
Sunday, 26th October 2008 - kick-off 15.00
Kreisliga (10th level, 6th amateur level)
Result: 3:2 after 90 min. (45/45) - Halftime 2:1
Goals: 1:0 23rd Tschakko, 1:1 41st (?), 2:1 45th Tschakko, 2:2 58th (?), 3:2 82nd Tschakko
Bookings: two for each team
Sent-offs: none
Ground: Sportplatz Holleben (cap. 1,150; 50 seated)
Attendance: 75 (5 away fans)
Match quality: 7.5/10 (good or even very good)

Ground No. 260 (new ground; this season: 30)
Sporting event No. 688 (this season: 55)
Kilometres that day: 30 (bike)
Km this season: 8,120 (4,810/ 1,760/ 1,550)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 98
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 117
Before the Match:
In not more than 45 minutes we arrived at Holleben, a village that is part of Teutschenthal but has a long history. Leaving the Landesstraße for the first badly paved route to the right, you will arrive at the castle and the mill, then at the church. Turning back to the Landesstraße, another church can be seen. On the opposite site to the church there is a sign that shows the way to the football ground that is stuffed in between nice homes, a ruined farm building and a high railway embankment.

The Match:
Both teams started surprisingly well paced into the match. There were a lot of duels and tackling, too. But the teams had great difficulties in scoring goals. Highlight was a scene when a Holleben player rounded the goalkeeper, went towards the empty goal, but hit the post from a distance of two metres. The rebounding ball was then hammered above the goal from five metres off the line.
Nonetheless, after 24 minutes were played, Holleben scored the first goal, consequently to the circumstances with the help of Landsberg’s goalkeeper who fisted the ball before the feet of one attacker who humbled the ball over the line.
Later on, Landsberg equalised by another goalkeeper mistake. Right before the break, Holleben went in front once again by a long distance shot right into the corner.
In the second half, both teams kept the high pace and the hostile way of playing and still wasted many chances.
After Landsberg equalised in minute 58, Holleben added an important goal to their tally eight minutes before the end. So the deserved final result is 3-2.

Entrance and Attendance:
2€ is quite expensive compared to other teams in that league, but the match was worth that dubious price. 75 fans came and most of them behaved as well as I expected before when I saw the clean and beautiful village. No smoking and drinking youngsters who call each other ‘cock suckers’ or ‘gay wankers’ as in Gröst the day before - and no aggressive pensioners. Only one elderly man used to complain about the referee, mostly unjustified, several times - but not in a really aggressive way.

Catering and Referee:
The abovementioned referee was mainly sovereign and fair in his decisions, although there were some scenes which where doubtful.
There were several interesting dishes available at the food stall; liver loaf with chips and onions was mine. Furthermore bratwurst, rissole and bockwurst. The prices were a bit higher than usual, which may have to do with the high income of the village’s inhabitants.

With a short stop at the chemistry statue in Schkopau, we went back to Merseburg. That match in Holleben was the last amateur match being kicked off at 15 o’clock, due to the shorter days now. From now on it is dark half an hour after the 17 o’clock final whistle.

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