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WE118II: My 100th football match without a goalless draw in a row, and how a stadium announcer can bring a match to an end

Match - with at least one goal - No. 99:
TSV Leuna II 0:4 LSG Lieskau
Saturday, 1st November 2008 - kick-off time 11.35
Kreisoberliga (9th level, 5th amateur level)
Result: 0:4 after 91 min. (45/46) - Halftime 0:2
Goals: 0:1 11th Angermann, 0:2 27th (?), 0:3 52nd Angermann, 0:4 64th Ch. Müller
Bookings: 1 yellow card for each team
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Stadion des Friedens (cap. 5,000)
Attendance: 40 (10 away fans)
Match quality: 3.0/10 (disappointing)

Match - with at least one goal - No. 100:
TSV Leuna 6:2 Grün-Gelb Osterfeld
Saturday, 1st November 2008 - kick-off time 14.00
Landesklasse (8th level, 4th amateur level)
Result: 6:2 after 93 min. (45/48) - Halftime 4:2
Goals: 1:0 16th Heinecke, 2:0 19th Grobe, 3:0 26th Hammerschmidt, 3:1 33rd Hage, 4:1 34th Grobe, 4:2 39th Groß, 5:2 60th Grobe, 6:2 78th Prorok.
Bookings: 1 yellow card for Osterfeld
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Stadion des Friedens (cap. 5,000)
Attendance: 100 (25 away fans)
Match quality: 7.0/10 (good)
Before the Match:
The day was cloudy, misty and cold. Typical autumn shit. Nonetheless we went by bike to Leuna with the hope of watching the 100th match in a row that witnesses at least one goal. The last goalless draw I saw was on March 30th.

The 1st Match, Attendance and Referee:
Before the main event, TSV Leuna II played against LSG Lieskau. About 40 persons hung around for watching this Kreisoberliga match, while my dad and me where among the most emotional fans. When the coach and the substitution players started complaining, we did as well. The first time we did so was when a Lieskau player broke through the weak defence of Leuna and passed the ball to a team mate being in a clear offside position. Another pass and the ball was in the goal. While we wished some goals to be scored, we did not prefer goals scored from an offside position against Leuna. The linesman, who did not see the offside position had to stand some unfriendly statements on his performance… But Lieskau doubtless was the better team, consequently they scored another goal before the break and right after the break their third one.
The second half was even more disappointing than the first, but Lieskau did not manage to score a really high result. Nonetheless 4:0 is hard enough.
As I mentioned above, one - but only one - of the linesmen was disturbing. The other one and the referee were secure and right in their decisions.

The 2nd Match, Attendance and Referee:
More than 30 minutes after the pre-match, the main event, TSV Leuna vs Grün-Gelb Osterfeld, was kicked-off. Leuna set Osterfeld under pressure right from the beginning. After about 15 minutes were played, Leuna scored their first goal, so we had our 100th match in a row without a goalless draw. Four minutes later, they added another goal to their tally. But that wasn’t enough, so Leuna even scored a third goal after just 26 minutes were played.
Soon, Osterfeld began playing football quite well and scored for the first time. Immediately after the goal which leaves the scoring side only two down, Leuna scored again. Just four further minutes, and Osterfeld was awarded a penalty. 4:2 was the result at half time.
In the second half, the match decreased in quality but was still OK.
Grobe scored his third goal with a great chip over the goalkeeper and a defender and Prorok did his first great action when hammering the ball into the net after 78 minutes. 6:2 was the final result.
About three fourth of the 100 fans attending that match was really satisfied, while the other 25 went home to Osterfeld with a defeat.

The referee made few dubious decisions but all in all he was not bad.
The match was ended after 93 minutes, when the stadium announcer made an announcement like this: ‘Well, ladies and gentlemen… that was the final whistle by our referee. Our TSV Leuna won six on two goals against Grün-Gelb Osterfeld…’ Five seconds later, the referee took his whistle and brought that good match to an end. Either our stadium announcer was confused by another whistle, or he just wanted the match to be finished. By all means, the match was not over yet, when he made his announcement.
But in addition he seemed to be a visionary, because he accidentally set the scoreboard after the third goal of Lieskau and the fifth goal of Leuna too far. So when the results were 0:3 and 5:2 respectively, he already put the results 0:4 and 6:2 on the scoreboard, that were the final results, astonishingly.

Catering and Entrance:
The entrance fee was OK as always. My dad as a club member pays just 0.50€ and I have to pay 1.50€ because I’m a student. 2.50€ is the general entrance fee for adults, interestingly including pensioners and unemployed persons.
This season, the catering by our Greek hostess Maria is far better than the last season, when Jochen grilled the bratwurst and schnitzel. Rissole, bratwurst and some more was far above the quick meal average and not too expensive.
With the increasing catering quality, there are now just two problems concerning the club’s surrounding left over: lame fans and stupid hillbilly music during the breaks…

The day was still shitty; cloudy, dark, cold and misty. But luckily it did not rain.

Ground No. 260 (not a new ground; this season: 30)
Sporting event No. 691 (this season: 58)
Kilometres that day: 15 (bike)
Km this season: 8,195 (4,810 car; 1,760 train; 1,625 bike)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 100!
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 118.

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