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WE141II: Not a good match but good weather at Good Friday

SV Eintracht Camburg 3:1 Grün-Weiß Stadtroda II
Friday, 10th April 2008 - kick-off time 15.00
Kreisliga Jenaer Land (9th level, 5th amateur level)
Result: 3:1 after 90 min. (45/45) - Halftime 1:0
Goals: 1-0 20th Hohmann, 2-0 52nd Lütz, 3-0 64th Krauße, 3-1 88th Ulrich
Bookings: Zöllner, Hüttich, Lütz - Beyer
Sent-offs: none
Ground: Sportplatz Camburg (cap. 1,200; 50 seated)
Attendance: 75 (5 away fans)
Match quality: 3.5/10 (far below average)
Day-out entertainment: 7.5/10 (very nice!)

We caught the train from Halle to Erfurt in Merseburg and jumped off the overcrowded railway compartment for bicycles and prams in Bad Kösen. After just 1km we had the first steep hill upwards. Our first sightseeing spot was called Himmelreich (kingdom of heaven). From a spectacular mountain you overlook the valley of the river Saale and you will see two castles very close on the other mountain towards.
The next spot was - after riding steep hills with a gradient of up to 14% up and down - Bergsulza. There is a small, even unspectacular palace and a church.
We took a dirt road to Lachstedt, were I took some photos of a church and some private buildings. Passing by the windmill of Schmiedehausen, we raced downhill to Camburg. The football ground is close to the train station, put in a wonderful landscape with a great view towards the castle of Camburg, the river Saale and the surrounding hills.
There was one match today: Eintracht Camburg vs Grün-Weiß Stadtroda II.
This lower amateur class match was played on a very low level at first and became better in the second half. The first goal of the match was scored when I had just ordered two of the excellent Bratwursts.
After the break, Camburg added two more goals to their tally and Stadtroda scored their only goal by the last one of the three good attacks on Camburg’s goal.
There were not many foul plays committed, although several yellow cards were shown. The referee was a bit fussy.
We jumped on the train in Großheringen and came back to Merseburg without having problems, although it should be mentioned, that the train was even more crowded by bikers than the first one. It is just typical: the weather was marvellous, so every lame - arse - good weather - cyclist came out…
Ground No. 294 (new ground; this season: 64)
Sporting event No. 783 (this season: 150)
Kilometres that day: 120 (80 train, 40 bike)
Km this season: 21,620 (12,000 car/ 3,530 bike/ 3,130 public transport/ 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 3
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 141

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