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WE141III: Quedlinburger SV 2-2 Eintracht Elster

Quedlinburger SV 2:2 Eintracht Elster
Saturday, 11th April 2008 - kick-off time 14.00
Landesliga West (7th level, 3rd amateur level)
Result: 2:2 after 92 min. (45/47) - Halftime 2:0
Goals: 1-0 25th Grimmer, 2-0 31st Gottowik, 2-1 50th O. Hinkelmann, 2-2 62nd Puhlmann.
Bookings: Jäschke, Glahmann, Bendzko, Kittke (QSV) - S. Hinkelmann, Zwade (EE)
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: GutsMuths-Stadion (cap. 3,000; 180 seated)
Attendance: 80 (15 away fans)
Match quality: 6.5/10 (quite good)
Day-out entertainment: 7.0/10 (nice)

Early in the morning we took the train from Halle to Merseburg at first, then ate a bite in the “Backwerk” and caught an overcrowded train from Halle to Hannover. We jumped off that bleeder in Halberstadt and made our way by bike and on foot through the old town. Halberstadt was almost totally destroyed in 1945 and neglected until 2003 or so, but today the old, frame-work houses and three main churches are real highlights. The surrounding modern buildings are not.
We took an almost empty but really dirty train - dirty because of the Hertha supporters, who showed that they are real German fans: no support without being stoned - to Quedlinburg. Being probably Germany’s most beautiful city, Quedlinburg is always worth a visit. But the near castle of Gersdorf isn’t because such a shithead of a peasant is maintaining the castle and therefore no one is allowed to see the keep from inside.
But Quedlinburg does have a far more attractive and spectacular castle in the wonderful city centre.
Due to that area is already familiar to us, we did not spent much time there and made our way to the stadium of Quedlinburger SV. The GutsMuths-Stadion is named after the German gymnastics pioneer (1759-1839) who was born in Quedlinburg.
3€ entrance and some good stuff on the grill. The stadium is also very nice, but not spectacular due to very small and plane stands.
The match between Quedlinburg and Elster started fast paced, but the hosts did not score a goal during their best phase. After 15 minutes, the visiting team tightened the pressure, but after 25 minutes Quedlinburg scored the first goal of the match. The second one was scored six minutes later.

In the second half, Elster played even better and profited from a mistake of the QSV goalkeeper: a nice sliced header from 20m over the goalkeeper. The equaliser was deservedly scored after 62 minutes. It was the final result in a quite good match without any brutal fouls but some hard scenes. The referee was quite cool and lax, so few scenes were stopped by him.
Our way back was quite nice, although the first train (Quedlinburg - Halberstadt) was packed with people. The second one was quite empty and in the third, even more empty one, we met a Russian woman who originally wanted to go directly to Weimar, but decided to jump off in Merseburg because of the castle we recommended her, and this time the train guard or ticket collector was very friendly, because he saw the rugby logo on my shirt. He was a former Rugby player for the teams from Halle and Leipzig and appreciated the fact that we had been in Heidelberg and Hannover for watching Rugby.
Later in the evening I watched another match: ES Setif vs Taraji Tunis on ART3 (internet live stream). The supporters, especially the Tunisian visitors, were really sick: as on New Year’s Eve, firework non-stop. Finally, Taraji (or Espérance = Hope), scored the golden goal of that Arab Championsleague match in the 75th minute by a great chip over the Algerian goalkeeper. There were some fights between the players, by the way. And the match would have been suspended in Germany after 20 or 30 minutes because of the fanatic support with fireworks and the hard way of playing by both teams. Yet - or: as a result of that chaos - a fantastic match, as almost always when Taraji plays!
Ground No. 295 (new ground; this season: 65)
Sporting event No. 784 (this season: 151)
Kilometres that day: 240 (210 train, 30 bike)
Km this season: 21,860 (12,000 car/ 3,560 bike/ 3,340 public transport/ 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 4
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 141

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