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WE142III: A lot of goals this Friday evening

VfB IMO Merseburg (Alte Herren - VfB) 8:2 (3:1) ESV Merseburg Old Stars/ PNVG
Friday, 17th April 2008 - kick-off time 18.00
Old boys friendly match (non-league)
Result: 8:2 after 71 min. (36/35) - Halftime 3:1
Goals: 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 6-2, 7-2, 8-2.
Bookings: none
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Stadion am Ottoweg (cap. 5,000; 100 seated)
Attendance: 10 (2 away fans)
Match quality: 6.0/10 (O.K.)

In an entertaining Friday evening old boys’ match, the hosts - VfB IMO Merseburg - were obviously the more skilled team in comparison to ESV/ PNVG Merseburg. After six minutes they scored the first goal, and after ESV had their first scene in front of their opponents’ goal, they scored by their second attack in minute 13. After that, ESV did not attack IMO’s goal until half time anymore, while IMO scored two goals.
In the second half they added two more goals to their tally, but the fifth one was dubious. It was not obvious whether the ball passed the line or not, but hosting teams supporting referees are quite normal in VfB IMO club. Another goal scored by IMO was annulled due to off-side position, while ESV scored their second goal by a long distance shot that bounced over the goalkeeper into the net. IMO - most of their players played for Stahl Merseburg 15-30 years ago, but Stahl merged with VfB to VfB IMO - then added three further goals to their tally and therefore finished that match with a clean 8:2 victory.

You may wonder about the abbreviations in the clubs’ names:
VfB: Verein für Ballsport (club for ball games)
IMO: Industriemontagen (industry installations)
ESV: Eisenbahnersportverein (railwaymen sports club)
PNVG: Personennahverkehrsgesellschaft (public transport company)
And about the combination of the second club's name:
ESV Merseburg Old Stars and PNVG Merseburg-Querfurt obviously merged before this season to ESV Merseburg Old Stars/ PNVG. Surely due to lack of players, especially PNVG had problems concerning the starting 11. Both clubs were under the rule of ESV Merseburg e.V. already.

Ground No. 296 (not a new ground; new grounds this season: 66)
Sporting event No. 787 (this season: 154)
Kilometres that day: 5 (bike)
Km this season: 22,145 (12,020 car/ 3,650 public transport/ 3,615 bike/ 2,960 plane)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 7
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (31.7.-6.8. 2006): 142


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