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WE121I: Football in Weißenfels, Volleyball in Spergau

VfB Nessa II --:-- SV Großgrimma III
planned: Saturday, 22nd November 2008 - beginning 11.30
Kreisklasse (11th level, 7th amateur level)
** Match called-off **

1.FC Weißenfels II 3:1 Rot-Weiß Weißenfels II
Saturday, 22nd November 2008 - beginning 12.00
Kreisliga (10th level, 6th amateur level)
Result: 3:1 after 92 min. (45/47) - Halftime 1:1
Goals: ???
Bookings: ???
Sent-offs: None.
Ground: Stadion an der Beuditzstraße Platz II (cap. 1,000)
Attendance: 20 (no away fans)
Match quality: 4.0/10 (slightly below average)

1.FC Weißenfels 4:2 SV Merseburg 99
Saturday, 22nd November 2008 - beginning 14.00
Landesliga (7th level, 3rd amateur level)
Result: 4:2 after 90 min. (45/45) - Halftime 3:1
Goals: 1:0 9th Kapp, 2:0 29th Schütze, 3:0 33rd Schütze, 3:1 44th Rausch; 3:2 70th Pöhland, 4:2 74th Kapp.
Bookings: two for each team
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Stadion an der Beuditzstraße (cap. 4,000; 1,000 seated, 50 covered)
Attendance: 100 (10 away fans)
Match quality: 5.0/10 (average)

VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau 2:3 VC Olympia Berlin*
Saturday, 22nd November 2008 - beginning 19.30
1. Volleyballbundesliga (1st level)
Result: 2:3 after 113 min.
Sets: 25:21, 17:25, 25:20, 21:25, 11:15
Gym: Jahrhunderthalle Spergau (cap. 1,200 seated)
Attendance: 850 (8 away fans)
Match quality: 4.0/10 (below average)

* There is no need to mention the full name of that club because it is one of the bad examples of exaggerated commercial interests in German volleyball. Neither will I mention the unofficial name of VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau (The Pirates), nor the official name (the club’s sponsor name) of VCO in the following text.

We had an unwell feeling when we went to Nessa, situated several kilometres south to Weißenfels. There had been light snowfall in the early morning, a reason for many football playing sissies, to refuse to play. So it was in Nessa, where we arrived after 33 unpleasant kilometres. Actually it will take you 30km by bike to that village, but there is a misleading sign behind Langendorf.
Because those bunch of sissies in Nessa did not play, we went directly back to Weißenfels so we caught the pre-match of that match, we already planned to watch.
In the pre-match, 1.FC Weißenfels II took on their town rivals Rot-Weiß Weißenfels. We missed the first 20 minutes and with them two goals. One for each team. The ground was muddy and of less quality compared to that one in Nessa. But no-one complained about the ground when numerous chances went begging. And everybody wanted to play, although many players played just incapably.
In the second half, 1.FC showed right from the beginning that they are better and scored a nice goal. They made everything clear in the middle of the second half. 3:1 was the final result in a quite lame derby. Compared to the last derby of the I. Teams of these to clubs, a match that was almost suspended due to fans throwing waste bins on the ground, it was really lame.
Even worse was the support in the second match. Just 100 fans, some of them partially swearing at the referee or players - but their name “Weißenfels Mob” is just ridiculous - and almost no away supporters. However the match was better than that before; of course compared to the higher level. Just the referee of the first match was better than his colleague in the second one who decided a lot of strange offside positions and stopped the match for ridiculous reasons.
Weißenfels was clearly stronger than Merseburg in the first half, consequently leading by 3:0 goals after 34 minutes. Especially the first goal was worth watching when the banana shot by Kapp went down to the angle. One lucky goal by Merseburg shortly before the break could be seen too.
In the second half it was the other way around concerning shots on goal and other scenes: Merseburg had the overwhelmingly majority of standards and chances now. Nonetheless they did not manage to score more than one goal, while Weißenfels scored another time. The final result was - deservedly - 4:2.

We went home then by train due to the damaged chain of my dad’s bike and after one and a half hour, we started again: with other bikes to Spergau.
We arrived punctually enough to eat a lot of snacks in the VIP-sector and did not miss the first rally neither.
While the first set gave hope to the 850 VC BDS fans - Bad Dürrenberg played better and more engaged - the second set was a catastrophe. Berlin, or more concrete: VCO - there is another team, a far stronger team from Berlin; SCC - was clearly better. Consequently they won that set with eight points in front.
Set number three then was dominated by VC BDS, but the high error rate became disturbingly obvious now. Set number four was even worse and this time VC BDS made so many mistakes that SCO was able to equalise.
Finally, the tie-break decided the match. Both teams played great shit in that tie-break, but VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau was even weaker. 11:15 was the deserved result of that. All in all it was the second weakest volleyball match I ever saw, so that’s why I was one of the fans who did not give applause to the players after the final rally, but just booed at them.
That performance was so weak that I really wonder how they want to remain at the top level.

Grounds: 268 (one new ground; this season: 38)
Sporting events: 708 (this season: 75)
Kilometres that day: 95 (75 by bike, 20 by train)
Km this season: 9,100 (5,380 car; 1,780 train; 1,940 bike)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 11
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 121

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