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WE132III: Football and Handball in Merseburg and Weißenfels

ESV Merseburg 1:2 BSV Ammendorf II
Sunday, 8th February 2008 - kick-off time 11.00
Friendly match (10th vs 9th level)
Result: 1:2 after 89 min. (45/44) - Halftime 1:0
Goals: 1:0 12th (?), 1:1 48th (?), 1:2 61st (?)
Bookings: None
Sent-offs: None
Stadium: Eisenbahnerstadion (cap. 700)
Attendance: 20 (3 away fans)
Match quality: 2.5/10 (Weak)

We did not know of that match until the evening of the day before when we came by from a match in Leuna.
Although the ground in the idyllic but wrecked Railwaymen-Stadium was muddy, both the teams played a friendly match. The good thing of a muddy and wet ground is that they players have to show all their skills. Unfortunately, the players of both teams did not have many skills. Of course they don’t need to have so, but the match was weak even compared to other in that low amateur level.
In the first half, the railwaymen were better and had more chances. Some nice tackling were shown too, and after a short while, ESV Merseburg scored easily after a mistake in the defence of the team from Halle-Ammendorf that plays one league higher.
In the second half, Ammendorf managed to use two of their ten chances, so they won two on one goal. ESV wasted about 10 chances and the second and 12 in the first half. The second half was weaker by both teams, by the way, than the first one.
There is no need to lose any words about the visitors, officials or catering, I just must repeat that Eisenbahnerstadion is really worth a visit although, unfortunately, it is not used regularly. The biggest problem is that the pitch is a bit large (110x65m), but if they would carry the goals a bit inside the field and mark the lines according to it, they would have a 90x45m ground which is ideal for lower amateur league, leisure time and old boy’s matches. Now in winter, by the by, the stands hold about 700 people, while in summer, the capacity is weakened to about 300 places due to lush vegetation.

We needed more than an hour by bike to arrive in Weißenfels, a city that cannot be recommended for bike tourism but for basketball- and castle-hopping.
This time, we watched handball matches inside a sports hall that were unknown to us until that day.

Weißenfelser HV III 35:31 HSV Naumburg-Stößen IV
Sunday, 8th February 2008 - kick-off time 14.00
1.Kreisklasse (8th level, lowest amateur level)
Result: 35:31 after 60 min. - Halftime 20:18
Goals: (?)
Yellow Cards: (?)
Two-minutes time penalties: 2-1
Sent-offs: None
Sports hall: Sporthalle Weißenfels West (cap. 350; 250 seated)
Attendance: 60 (no away fans)
Match quality: 5.0/10 (average)

We arrived almost 15 minutes too late to the first match, a match of the men’s lowest division that was characterised by beginners’ mistakes but interesting though. There were many goals scored and it was an even match until five minutes before the end and a fair match all the time, just disturbed by stupid remarks of players and officials from Naumburg from time to time.
Most of the fans remained silent and the catering we tried after that match was not so good.
Weißenfelser HV 23:23 Lok Schönebeck
Sunday, 8th February 2008 - kick-off time 16.00
Ladies’ Oberliga (3rd level)
Result: 23:23 after 60 min. - Halftime 12:11
Goals: (?)
Yellow Cards: (?)
Two-minutes time penalties: 5-3
Sent-offs: 1 (Weißenfels, 59th; rude foul play)
Sports hall: Sporthalle Weißenfels West (cap. 350; 250 seated)
Attendance: 80 (4 away fans)
Match quality: 5.5/10 (average)

Afterwards, the women played their match in the third division. It was an even match, but Weißenfelser played a bit better. Just their goalkeeper was disturbingly week. Compared to other women’s matches, it was a good one. The usual women’s division problem - below the highest or the two highest levels, women sports is lame - is among others true for handball.
The most thrilling moment of the match was the end. Furthermore, it was the loudest and most emotional. Three minutes before the final whistle, Weißenfels had scored 22 goals, Lok 20. Then Schönebeck was awarded a 7m-penalty which was successfully scored. The equalised shortly after that, but WHV went on top once again. Then they got a two-minute time-penalty and a ridiculous red card. Finally, Lok Schönebeck even got another penalty donated, which made some home fans angry. The penalty was scored and 23 all was the final result.

Ground No. 278 (new ground; this season: 48)
Sporting events No. 746-748 (this season: 112)
Kilometres that day: 50 (by bike)
Km this season: 17,630 (9,270 car/ 2,960 plane/ 2,710 public transport/ 2,690 bike)
Number of football matches since the last goalless draw: 4
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 132

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