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WE131I: A fast-paced match with impressive away support; the Eastern-German Basketball Derby

Mitteldeutscher BC 88:78 BV Chemnitz 99
Saturday, 31st January 2008 - tip-off time 19.30
2. Basketballbundesliga (2nd level)
Result: 88:78 after 40 min. - Halftime: 48:39
Quarter results: 22:20, 26:19, 27:16, 13:23
Scorers MBC*: Moore 17, Leutloff 17, Bernard 16, Gilbert 15, Chavis 9, Cardenas 8, Ides 4, Schmidt 2
Scorers 99*: Gerwig 20, Pfeiffer 15, Baker 13, Khartchenkov 12, Harbut 10, Seruggs 4, Worenz 2, Buchmiller 2
Sent-offs*: Chavis 35:12 (fifth foul)
Sports hall: Stadthalle Weißenfels (cap. 3,000; 2,500 seated)
Attendance: 2,800 (400 away fans)
Overall quality: 9.0/10 (Excellent!)

* The credits go to my dad, and not to that useless page “Die Junge Liga” who perverts the copyright-hysteria to a new level by protecting their scribble.

Pictured: The away supporters, really deserving the title “best fans of the league”

The MBC webpage called that duel between the “Wolves (Wölfe)” and the “Niners“ the great Eastern-German derby” and the Chemnitz 99ers page a “jubilee match” because they are playing their 200th match in the 2nd professional division. So both sides had a lot of expectations before the match; Chemnitz supporters were expected to rock the hall with 400 fans and both teams going for the victory.
To my surprise, Chemnitz’s support did not belie the expectations: 400 fans and a lot of them were active right before the start of the game: dozens of sparklers burning in the darkened hall during the entrance, then some paper rolls thrown on the court and during the whole match the 400 were louder than the hosts. They also had the better texts and moved a lot. Sometimes they even went vulgar: chants like “Hu-Hu-Hu-Hurensohn - son of a bitch” or “Schwuler, Schwuler - Gay” were also used.
MBC support proved once more that they are just average now. Therefore there was a banner reading “40 minutes opponents but friendship will win”, clearly indicating, that MBC fans did not want verbal confrontation because they are just too inferior. Three different chants “Von der Saale bis zur Nordsee, immer wieder MBC” (usually sang by about 30 fans), “Hier regiert der MBC” (100 voices) and “Defense!” (500 voices) were chanted by the home fans. A shame, that there are still some claiming that Weißenfels has the best fans in the Bundesliga. Once they had them - during the good old times when they played in the top-flight - but today it’s just average.
Luckily, the team is really not just average. Well, until the 17th minute, MBC never went ahead by more than three points, but there was a slight advantage visible for Weißenfels as it ought to be due to their table-topping position. Chemnitz, ranked 6th, had some difficulties to stand the high pace and great technique by the host from 17th to 33rd minute. MBC then was in front by up to 20 points. But nonetheless the advantage decreased in the fourth quarter. Partially the lead seven points ahead, only. One and a half minute before the end, the victory seemed to be clear then. 10 points ahead. The final result consequently was 88:78. In one of the best basketball matches - not just great due to the atmosphere which had been extraordinary great compared to other matches in Germany - also due to the great sports value of that thrilling match.
To sum it up: That match really deserves the title “great derby”! I never saw such a great basketball match in Germany before and never saw or heard of such great atmosphere in a German basketball hall. Maybe we will find the way to the basketball hall in Chemnitz this or next season, although we dislike that ugly town… But you must pay respect to the players for the performance and last but not least: to their fans for the great show!

Pictured: A nice scene from the beginning of the match.

Ground No. 276 (not a new ground; this season: 46 new ones)
Sporting event No. 740 (this season: 107)
Kilometres that day: 45 by bike
Km this season: 17,445 (9,270 car/ 2,960 plane/ 2,710 train/ 2,505 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 131

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