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WE137II: A Phantom Football Match, Roller Hockey and Artistic Roller Skating

SV Allstedt II 3:5 Haldenslebener SC
Saturday, 14th March 2009 - kick-off time 14.30
Friendly match
Result: 3:5 after 40 min. - Halftime 2:0
Goals: don’t know
Bookings: none
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Eberhardt-Kannegießer-Stadion (cap. 400; 100 seated)
Attendance: 40 (10 away fans)
Match quality: 5.5/10 (O.K.)

SV Allstedt 11:1 RC de Lichtstad (Eindhoven)
Saturday, 14th March 2009 - kick-off time 15.30
2nd Bundesliga (2nd level)
Result: 11:1 after 50 min. - Halftime 6:0
Goals: 1:0 4th Hunger, 2:0 9th J. Schlanstedt, 3:0 14th Willi, 4:0 19th Willi, 5:0 21st Willi, 6:0 25th J. Schlanstedt, 6:1 26th van Buiten, 7:1 31st Hunger, 8:1 32nd J. Schlanstedt, 9:1 34th J. Schlanstedt, 10:1 39th Hunger, 11:1 50th U. Schlanstedt
Bookings: two yellow cards de Lichtstad
Sent-offs: none
Stadium: Eberhardt-Kannegießer-Stadion (cap. 400; 100 seated)
Attendance: 110 (no away fans)
Match quality: 6.5/10 (First half good, second one less good)
Half past ten in the morning, we took the train from Merseburg to Querfurt, saving a lot of money because of using the so-called “Hopper-Ticket.” Actually, it does not have to do with groundhopping, but sometimes it is helpful on groundhopping tours. The best about that ticket is, that you can ride up to 50km in one direction within your Bundesland - return included - for 6€ per Person. Merseburg - Querfurt - Merseburg costs one more than 9€, usually.

We bought something to eat in Querfurt and went on by bike. Via Farnstädt, Rothenschirmbach, Osterhausen and Bornstedt, we arrived at Holdenstedt. Actually we planned watching a football match there, but the teams were not on the ground at the fixed kick-off time (12:30), so we thought, the match must have been called off although the pitch was in a good condition. Looking up the result in the internet, we found the strange assertion at that the match was allegedly played at Holdenstedt and Holdenstedt/ Beyernaumburg II won - allegedly - 12:2. Very strange, but once again an example of the bad organisation in that area.
After I took some photos of the church in Holdenstedt - also called Hodenstedt - we rode five kilometres to Beyernaumburg, a village with a nice church and a beautiful castle. The older, medieval part of the castle is in bad conditions, but the neo-gothic part is impressive.
Few kilometres on to Allstedt there is another castle (pictured above that line), but we already visited it when we watched SV Allstedt for the first time last year. That’s why we immediately entered the roller hockey and tennis stadium.

We expected much time for hanging around, but luckily there was a match before the Bundesliga match scheduled. SV Allstedt II played a friendly against a non-league team, Haldenslebener SC. SV Allstedt II is a mixed team, fife men and three women - mostly boys and girls, not grown-ups - are in the team. Nonetheless, the mixed team went in front with two goals within the first half (20 minutes each half). The first goal at all was scored by a young lady - the only one of the three female players who played at the same level of the male players. In the second half Allstedt even scored another time, but step by step Haldensleben scored a goal after another. After 32 minutes they equalised, after 35 they scored the 3:4 and in the last second - not just last minute but last second - they scored their fifth goal. The match was quite good in the first half but contained of many mistakes, and in the second half the mistakes were more disturbing. But all in all, that match was better than expected and you have to pay respect to the players. The best skilled one was the guy with the number 9 playing for Haldensleben.
The second match was faster, saw better technical skills and more goals, but you can expect such a performance: that is 2nd Bundesliga. Allstedt even played in the first level last year.
You may wonder about that, but the visiting team was not German but Dutch. There are some Dutch teams taking part in German competitions. One of them is RC de Lichtstad from Eindhoven. Unfortunately they couldn’t send all the players that day. The coaches did not come neither.
With a furious start, Allstedt cleared the match. After the first half (25 minutes) was over, they lead by six goals to none.
In the second half the match was weaker, partially even boring. Nonetheless we saw six further goals: five for Allstedt, one for Eindhoven.
The surroundings are not worth much words. The stadium is great of course, catering was O.K. but the supporters were just watching and not supporting.

During the break of the second match and after that match, we saw a show event of a kind of sport we did not watch before. It has almost died out, but Haldensleben has a team that competes in that sport: artistic roller skating. All in all the sports value was anything but great, but it was quite interesting to watch. The closest related kind of sports to artistic roller skating is figure skating.
The way back was partially really hard, because the street from Allstedt to Allstedt airport - a shut-down Soviet military airbase - is exhausting due to the steep hill upwards for 4.5 km. But then it is not a long and hard way to Querfurt anymore. From Querfurt we took the train back to Merseburg.

Ground No. 284 (not a new ground; this season: 56)
Sporting event No. 766-767 (the artistic roller skating did not count in that statistic due to lack of referees - this season: 136)
Kilometres that day: 130 (70 train, 60 bike)
Km this season: 18,380; i.e. 9,270 car/ 3,190 bike/ 2,960 plain/ 2,960 train
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 137

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