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WE128II: The next sensational victory of VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau

VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau 3:1 Generali Haching
10th January 2009, 19.30
1. Bundesliga (1st level)
Result: 3:1 after 100 min.
Sets: 25-21, 25-19, 17-25, 25-19
Unusual happenings: none
Sports hall: Jahrhunderthalle (cap. 1,200 seated)
Attendance: ca. 700 (3 away fans)
Match quality: 8.0/10 (very high)

We went by bike to Spergau, despite the low temperature of minus 8°C, and despite expecting a clean defeat.
After the usual stupid entrance theme - by the way: the announcer and his stupid “come on VC fans” announcing were as disturbing as never, a wonder, that this traitor was in Spergau, but if that bunch of losers, VC Leipzig, does not play, VC BDS is good enough for him - VC Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau surprised its watchers. 25:21 against that team ranked fourth in the table; one of the championship favourites.
They even won the second set - not less than six points difference - so that not few fans expected another sensation after they beat Friedrichshafen 3:2 about a month ago.
Nonetheless the third set went to Haching, only celebrated by their three fans that attended them to at least five hours away Spergau.
The fourth set was hopefully expected by all the visitors and VC BDS was always in front with three points. At the end, they even lead by six points which made 700 fans shout for joy. It has been a excellent volleyball match with an unexpected and therefore wonderful result.
Unexpected and wonderful just because the team played unexpectedly wonderful!
Finally, the fans should be mentioned positively, because they made a lot of noise and were positively mentioned by the home as well as the away team. As always, the fans that deserve the title “fans” the most, were the “pirates crew.” They are named like that because of the nick-name - you could call it unofficial or advertisement name, too - of the team: Volleyball Club “The Pirates” Bad Dürrenberg/ Spergau.
I just think about how it would be to bring an own banner the next match: “Fanclub Somalia”…
It may look like pictured below:

* And fans: please remember; the colours of our team are blue and white. Wouldn't it be a good idea to paint such a flag? *

Ground No. 275 (not a new ground; this season: 45)
Sporting event No. 729 (this season: 96)
Kilometres that day: 20 (bike)
Km this season: 17,160 (9,270 car/ 2,960 plane/ 2,630 public transport/ 2,300 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 128

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