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WE128I Indoor football in Halle/ Saale

Indoor football tournament “Halplus-Cup”
Tuesday, 6th January 2009 - Begin 13.30
1st Chemnitzer FC (Germany 4th div.)
2nd Hallescher FC (Germ. 4th div.)
3rd Bayern München U-23 (Germ. 4th)
4th VFC Plauen (Germ. 4th)
5th ŁKS Łódz (Poland 1st div.)
6th BSV Halle-Ammendorf (Germany 6th div.)
Sports hall: Halle Brandberge (cap. 3,000 seated)
Visitors: about 1,000 (among them 10 from Munich)
Tournament’s quality: 6.0/10 (above average)
The thermometer displayed 12 degrees below zero, so we let the bikes in the garage and walked fast towards the tram stop. We caught that lame tram towards Halle and arrived almost an hour before the first match. After we had bought the overpriced tickets (we choose category II which cost us 15€ each, the other categories were priced 12€, 20€ respectively), we made the way to our seats that were better positioned than we expected before. Some quite good food from the food stall later, and we watched the pre-tournament match, a friendly between two U-7 football teams from Halle: VfL Halle 96 G vs Hallescher FC G. Hallescher FC showed his smaller town rival who is boss and won by three goals to none. A penalty-shootout was held immediately after the final whistle. After 11 shots by each team, HFC won that comparison too: 5-3.
After that, the six senior teams were introduced. Hallescher FC and BSV Halle-Ammendorf naturally got the most support, Łódzki KS and VFC Plauen were welcomed friendly and Chemnitzer FC and Bayern München had to stand some unfriendly remarks.
The first match was Ammendorf against Plauen which ended 1-2 for Plauen. An average match without a surprise or an unusual scene.
Then the hosts, Hallescher FC, took on Chemnitzer FC, but were unable to prevent a loss. Chemnitz was just better in all things that are important for football. 1-2 again.
In the third match, Łódz destroyed Bayern München with three early goals. One of the best matches in the tournament ended 3-2.
Then another 3-2, surprisingly a victory of Halle-Ammendorf against Hallescher FC.
In a quite good match its handicap the low number of goals was (it was that match that saw the fewest goals in the whole tournament), Plauen defeated Łódz 1-0.
Bayern München surprised Chemnitzer FC 3-2. That match was that one which the fewest fans watching, because a lot of Halle fans thought: two shitty teams; let’s drink some beer! So the food and drinks stall was under siege during the whole match…
After that, Łódz made their second really good match by defeating Ammendorf 4-1. Nonetheless, concerning the number of chances, Łódz missed to score a better result: 7-0 would have been deservedly.
Then Halle took on Bayern München and made a really good match, after playing to shitty games. The lame support became a bit better after the first goal. 3-2 was the final result.
After that, Chemnitz defeated Plauen in a boring match by four goals to none.
Then Halle Ammendorf got all attachment by the fans. Especially the end of the match was really thrilling. Bayern went in front by 2-3 after one player of Ammendorf was sent-off due to dubious reasons. Then Halle equalised 30 seconds before the end, but Bayern scored again with a cheap goal five seconds before the end. When Bayern left the field, all the HFC Fans booed and shouted at them angrily. The referee had to cope with complaints like: “You dirty Bayern fan! That was bribery!”
When everybody had calmed down, Chemnitz beat Łódz 3-1.
Later, the best match of the whole tournament took place: Hallescher FC against Plauen. Again dubious referee decisions that drove most HFC fans up the wall, a physical attack by a Plauen player against an opponent from Halle, and two goals on one for the hosts.
After that, a very one-sided match between Chemnitz and Ammendorf was won by Chemnitzer FC by six goals to none. That meant that Chemnitz got the title two matches before the end.
Following, Bayern München drew with Plauen two all.
The last match of the tournament was played by Hallescher FC. They beat Łódz 2-0, so the hosts finished second.
The tournament was concluded by a winners ceremony, which was disturbed by several unfriendly remarks against the referees (both were fussy and partially really disturbing, indeed), against Chemnitzer FC (no comment, that is just usual to be against Chemnitz because that town sucks so and the club just represents it) and Bayern München (every little minded football fan loves them, so it’s good to show them, that not everybody pays attention to the success of a snooty club like FC Bayern). Of course HFC and Ammendorf were celebrated. And of course there was no need to celebrate that inconstant team from Łódz, that did not even take that tournament so serious, showing this by leaving some of their best players - partially national players - at home. Their results were a shame to the Polish football.
A shame to the German football was the support. I saw some videos from former tournaments in Halle Brandberge, and this time support sucked. I don’t know why no-one from Chemnitz came. Either they shit bricks because of the “brutal” fans from Halle, or the police shit bricks and did not allow them to travel to Halle. A third possibility is that the train did not bring them from there shabby hometown to Halle.
When we arrived at the train station after the tournament, there were problems concerning delays and cancellations, indeed. Luckily, our train was just five minutes too late.


Ground No. 275 (new ground; this season: 45)
Sporting event No. 728 (this season: 95)
Kilometres that day: 40 (tram and train)
Km this season: 17.140 (9.270 car/ 2.960 plane/ 2.630 public transport/ 2.280 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 128


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I forgot to name the reason why there were so few HFC supporters in the sports hall: there had been some arguments with the arrogant promoters of the tournament, who called the fans from Halle "criminal", before.