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WE128III: The last match in the 1st Bundesliga

TSV Leuna 1919 5:8 TuS Lichterfelde
Sunday, 11th January 2009 - kick-off 12.00
1st Indoor Hockey Bundesliga
Result: 5-8 after 60 min. - Halftime: 2-4
Green cards - 1:2
Yellow cards - 1:0
Red cards - 0:0
Penalties - 1:0
Penalty corners - 6:8
Goals: 0-1 3rd Posselt, 0-2 5th Kustz, 0-3 6th Posselt, 1-3 16th Poczatek, 1-4 22nd Polomsky, 2-4 24th Zeiger (penalty), 2-5 32nd Posselt, 2-6 42nd Polomsky, 3-6 45th Poczatek, 3-7 45th Nagel, 4-7 53rd Zeiger, 5-7 56th Poczatek, 5-8 58th Nagel
Sports hall: Neue Ringerhalle Leuna* (cap. 200 seated)
Attendance: 150 (no away fans)
Match quality: 4.0/10 (no comment)

Originally I planned to watch the final round of the district championship in indoor football. Some of the regular watchers also missed that last match of the season due to that tournament - of course I’m talking about the football players, who use to support the hockey team and were repeatedly cautioned because of their behaviour. Paying attention to the fact that TSV Leuna managed to qualify for the final round, we could be lucky to have an attendance of 150 fans. Sometimes the hockey ladies support the team, but mostly it was quiet inside the hall. But it is natural that there can’t be crazy support, when Leuna plays shitty. They got three goals against them within six minutes. All goals were accompanied by own mistakes.
It was Leuna’s luck that Berlin-Lichterfelde was unable to stand their highly speeded and skilled way of playing more than 10 minutes. The match became weaker and Leuna had some chances.
This time, we even could not complain about the referees, because they were in favor of us. We did not see a single good or sovereign referee duo that season. This time they helped Leuna with counting a goal that was scored from ouside the line and donating a penalty for nothing.
All in all, Leuna was not good enough for division one, so they were relegated. Considering the whole season - unfortunately extremely and unjustified short, because the outdoor players are the same as the indoor players but contrarily to football or fistball and equally to handball or volleyball, the indoor season is far more interesting and of a far higher sports value than the outdoor season - Leuna could not be taken seriously.
Nonetheless, everyone is looking forward to the next season, the next indoor season of course. Who cares about the upcoming outdoor season, were Leuna just plays in the Oberliga in front of not more than 50 fans?

Ground No. 275 (not a new ground; this season: 45)
Sporting event No. 730 (this season: 97)
Kilometres that day: 15 (bike)
Km this season: 17,175 (9,270 car/ 2,960 plane/ 2,630 public transport/ 2,315 bike)
Number of weeks since the last week without any sporting event (Aug 1st-6th 2006): 128

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