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Grounds of Morocco

League Pyramid
1.) GNF 1 = Botola 1 (professional league, 16 teams, bottom two relegated)
2.) GNF 2 = Botola 2 (semi-professional league, 16 teams, top two promoted, bottom two relegated, 14th rank probably play-out with best runners-up of Amateur 1)
3.) Amateur 1 (amateur top tier, 16 teams in each of the two groups (North/ South), tabletoppers promoted, bottom two relegated)
4.) Amateur 2 (2nd amateur level, 16 teams in each of the four groups (North/ Centre/ South/ Western Sahara), tabletoppers promoted, bottom two or three relegated)
5.-8.) Amateur 3 to 6 (local amateur leagues organised by regional sports councils as League du North, League du Grand Casablanca, etc. Number of teams vary, see http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ligue_r%C3%A9gionale_du_Maroc_de_football for more info.)
There is also a league system of reserves leagues (U23 and regular reserves), women's football (1st and 2nd level organised by FA, 3rd and below handled by the regional associations), and of course under-aged football with most leagues organized on regional level besides U19 Moroccan championship.

GNF 1 (13/13):

Agadir : Stade Inbiate [7,0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب الانبعاث (اكادير)

- Address: Directly at National Road N10. Coming from Marrakech (via motorway or national road) you have to follow the signs for harbour (port) and turn left towards town centre after reaching the harbour; after 2km the ground is on your left. From Tiznit and Essaouira it's simply straight ahead on the national road.

- Home sides: Hassania Agadir (HUSA) [ حسنية اكادير ]

- Capacity: 14,250 (250 seated/ 14,000 standing)

- Matches watched: HUSA 4:3 Wydad Fès (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: terraces are very tight when attendance is high, all in all quite old fashioned ground
- Remarks on the club: majority of the supporters is Berber, police is very strict and will check everybody intensively before entering the ground (even foreigners)

Berkane : Honneur d’Oujda [7.0/10]

- Arabic: الملعب الشرفي بوجدة (وجدة)

- Address: Almost everyone reaches Oujda from A2/ N6, so go ahead until you reach that huge round-about and turn right there (passing by a mosque and a bus station to the right). Go ahead for 1.5km and turn left into a four-lane alley. The stadium is on the left after 1km.

- Home sides: Mouloudia Oujda (MO) [مولودية وجدة], Union Sportive de Musulmanes Oujda (USMO) [جميعة المسلمين], temp. Renaissance Sportive Berkane (RSB) [النهضة البركاني]

- Capacity: 30,000 (1,000 seated/ 29,000 standing)

- Matches watched: RS Berkane 0:2 Chabab Rif Hoceima (=> Report   / => Pictures  )

- Remarks on the ground: Interestingly coloured (according to the colours of USMO and MO) stands, large parking possibilities.

- Remarks on the club: USMO v MO is a good derby, but usually the stadium is totally over-sized.

مركب الرياضي بوجدة Casablanca: Stade Mohammed V [8.5/10]
- Arabic: الخامس محمد مركّب (البيضاء دار)
- Address: Rue Kaid al Achtar, Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Marokko. Situated in al-Maârif neighbourhood, the ground is near R320 road, which is the coastal road from El Jadida: turn right after passing by the Royal Anfa Golf course. Coming via motorway A5 (direction Rabat or El Jadida), leave the motorway at the conjunction with A7, direction Casablanca/ Sidi Massôud/ N11. Always straight ahead towards city (N11, then N1). Arriving at a large crossing with five streets heading from it, take that one in the middle (N1). The next big crossroad (with roundabout) is 1.4km ahead, turn left there. After some more 600m, there is the stadium on the left. This is Rue Kaid al Achtar, there are also some ticket booths in that street.
- Home sides: Wydad Athletic Club (WAC) [الوداد], Raja Club Athletic (RAC) [الرجاء]
- Capacity: 67,000 (40,000 seated/ 27,000 standing)
- Matches watched: Raja v Chabab Massira (=> Report  / => Pictures  )
- Remarks on the ground: tickets are sold some 100m away from the main entrance. You can choose between covered grand stand (tribune couvert), not-covered seating (pelouse, which I prefer) and goal end standing (virage); VIP seating (tribune honeur) may not be available. Parking is usually possible for free in side streets around the stadium, but if there is a derby match come at least 3 hours prior match! The stadium is named after late Moroccan King Mohammad V (1909-1961, father of reigning Mohammad VI).
- Remarks on the club: Wydad and Raja are the most successful clubs in Morocco. Playing against each other, stadium is always overgrowded, there is fantastic support (Italian style “Tifo” mixed with Arabic elements) and riots are common. The place name means “White House“, as Casablanca is the Spanish translation of Arabic “Dar al-Bayda”. The names of the home sides should be translated as “Love” (Wydad, named after a famous film featuring Umm Kolthoum, which is said to cause a delay in the foundation ceremony of the club as some important officials arrived late to the ceremony due to watching this film at cinema), and “Hope” (Raja).
Fès: Complex Sportif de Fès [9.0/10]
- Arabic: لفاس الرياضي المركب (لفاس)
- Address: Route de Sefrou, 30000 Fès. The ground is situated at the very edge of the city, on the road towards Sefrou (R503). If you are not coming from Sefrou but via motorway A2 from either Oujda or Meknes, get off at the exit “Sefrou/ Fès Este” and head towards the city via R503 (the stadium can be found on the right after 8km). Coming from the north, passing by train station and Saadienne Grounds to the left, and Janvier 11 sports hall and Mechouar to the right, resp. you have to turn left passing by Hussain II stadium, take the right at the next crossroads (200m) and go straight ahead (passing by Mc Donald’s to the left and Barceló Hotel to the right) at the next roundabout. Left after 400m, straight ahead after 200m. After 400m there is a roundabout with two petrol stations around, take the second street from the left which takes you to a park after 300m. At the southern end of this tiny park, the street branches off into three: take the leftmost (but not the street fourth street branching off in a 90° angle next to the post office!). From then on straight ahead for 4km.
- Home sides: Maghreb Association Sportive de Fès (MAS) [الفاسي الرياضي المغرب], Wydad Athletic de Fès (WAF) [الفاسي لرياضيا الوداد نادي]
- Capacity: 45,000 (45,000 seated/ 0 standing)
- Matches watched: Maghreb Fès 0:2 AS Salé (=> Report  / => Pictures ) and Cup Semi-Finals
- Remarks on the ground: typical huge Moroccan stadium, interesting floodlight pylons. Best to get there by car, and park in the sidestreet opposite the stadium in front of one of the new blocks.
- Remarks on the clubs: MAS is the fare more popular one and indicate their nationalist background by the name Maghreb (Morocco), while Wydad is named after Wydad Casablanca and only has a small supporters base.
مركب الرياضي بفاس

Hoceima: Stade Mimoun Arsi [8,5/10]

- Arabic: ملعب ميمون العرصي (الحسيمة)

- Address: You’ll probably enter Al Hoceima from Ajdir (N2, via P5211). Just go straight ahead until you reach a vast and empty square with some Spanish style buildings around (Place Mohamed VI), turn left at the end of the square and go ahead further 200m. The stadium lies on the left.

- Home sides: Chabab Rif Al Hoceima (CRA) [شباب ريف الحسيمة]

- Capacity: 7,000 (6,000 seated/ 1,000 standing)

- Matches watched: CRA 0:1 Kawkab Marrakech (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: aka Chipula, one of the few grounds that lies directly in the city centre giving a hint on its relatively high age, home and away support are next to each other under the roof of the grand stand, VIP seating is opposite of them on a separate covered stand. Parking only in neighbouring small streets.

- Remarks on the club: holds a bad reputation as Maghreb Tetuan due to its location in the Rif, but seemed to be much more likeable than their Rif rivals of MAT.

Jadida: Ben Ahmed El Abdi [7,5/10]

- Arabic: مركب ابن احمد العبدي (الجديدة)

- Address: Av. Massira el-Khadra, easy to reach when entering El-Jadida from Casa/ Rabat (motorway or national road, A5/ N1): just pass by the hippodrome on your left and turn left on the round-about next to the Ibis hotel, then turn right on the T-crossing and there it is. Arriving El-Jedida via N1 from south, you go right to the city centre until you reach a huge round-about where you have to take the first of the five exits to reach the stadium directly. The coastal road from Safi takes you directly to the enwalled old town, there you have to turn right and after 50m take the right one of the two roads. Straight ahead for 1km until you reach the round-about I described before: take the 4th exit.

- Home sides: Difaa Hassani El-Jedida (DHJ) [الدفاع الحسني الجديدي]

- Capacity: 7,500 (7,500 seated + 2,500 under construction/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: DHJ 1-1 Olympique Safi (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: One goal end stand is not yet finished.

- Remarks on the club: relatively small audience at the matches, so best to come when a big club with great supporters as Raja, Wydad or KAC plays.

الدفاع الحسني الجديدة - اليمبيك اسفي بالملعب العبدي

Kénitra: Stade Municipal [9.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البلدي بقنيطرة (قنيطرة)

- Address: Coming from Sidi Allal Bahraoui (village were A2 motorway ends up) or leaving motorway A1 at Kenitra Centre, just go straight ahead: the stadium is at the third round-about on the right-hand side. If you are entering the city on N1 from Rabat, you have to go straight ahead all the time, until you see two big buildings (Bank of Morocco and Hotel Maamoura) on your left, then turn right on the next intersection (10m). Coming from Tanger on N1, this intersection comes 800m after crossing the railway, turn left there. Attention: there are almost no signs in the entire city, so you probably have to ask one for “Stade KAC” or “Malaab Kebir”.

- Home sides: Kénitra Athletic Club (KAC) [النادي الرياضي القنيطري]

- Capacity: 8,000 (8,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: KAC 0:0 FAR (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: One of the best grounds in Morocco, as few have wooden benches as Kénitra has

- Remarks on the club: Great, passionate, aggressive supporters! Come early (1 hour before kick-off, against Wydad, Raja and FAR 2 hours), as attendance is usually high.

بطولة المغربية - نادي القنيطري و الجيش الملكي الرباطي

Khouribga: Stade Phosphate [10/10!]

- Arabic: ملعب الفوسفاط (خريبكة)

- Address: Lies in the middle of the French workers neighbourhood: coming from Fqih Ben Saleh turn right to “Village OCP” after entering the city and god straight ahead until a big roundabout with a fountain (1,8km); the stadium is on your right. From Casablanca and Oued Zem you’ll have to find the roundabout with the clock tower on the main road and head towards the city centre and train station. Passing by under the railroad (1,5km), pass by a roundabout (straight ahead; 100m) and turn left at the following roundabout (the abovementioned with the fountain; 500m).

- Home sides: Olympique Club Khouribga (OCK) [نادي اوليمبيك خريبكة]

- Capacity: 6,000 (4,500 seated/ 1,500 standing) + 1,500 seating under construction

- Matches watched: OCK 1:2 Maghreb Tetouan (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: One of the best and oldest grounds in Morocco and the most beautiful one in the top flight! r/>

- Remarks on the club: OCK lacks of supporters, but the ground with its historic grand stand is just wonderfully set into that French style working class neighbourhood.


Marrakesh: Stade El Harti [9,5/10]

- Arabic: ملعب الحارثي (مراكش)

- Address: Coming from the motorway (exit Palmiere) or on the nationalroad N1 you have to go straight ahead until you reach the royal theatre. Pass by on the righthand side and turn right, then you’ll be right in front of El Harti Gardens (worth a visit): the ground is in the rear of the gardens i.e. at the end of the road).

- Home sides: Kawkab Athlétic Club Marrakech (KACM) [Arab.]

- Capacity: 15,000 (15,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: KACM Espoirs v FAR Rabat Espoirs (=> Report / => Pictures )

- Remarks on the ground: one of the most beautiful in the country; dominating light red as everywhere in the city and a garden in the rear of the grand stand, very old scoreboard

- Remarks on the club: none as I only watched the U23 team

Rabat: Prince Moulay Abdallah [9.0/10]
- Arabic: الله عبد مولاي لأميرا مركب (الرباط)
- Address: Avenue Hassan II, directly at the conjunction of A3 and N1. If you are coming via Rocade de Rabat, leave it at Temara/ Zoo. You’ll have to do a u-turn, and if you wan’t to do it legally, you have to go as far as the fly-over at Avenue de FAR.
- Home sides: Forces Armees Royales Rabat (FAR) [الجمعية الرياضية للقوات المسلحة الملكية‎], Fath Union Sportif de Rabat (FUS) [اتحاد الفتح الرياضي الرباطي]
- Capacity: 54,000 (54,000 seated/ 0 standing)
- Matches watched: Fath US 0:2 Raja Casablanca (=> Report  / => Pictures  )
- Remarks on the ground: Parking is available all around for free, shouldn’t be a problem to get your car parked even if the stadium is totally packed. Surely one of the most impressive stadia in Morocco, partially simply due to its size but also due to its interesting architecture, as e.g. the floodlights above the not-covered stand are fine.
- Remarks on the club: FAR (Royal Armed Forces) has a huge supporters base, while Fath (meaning “Victory”) is a club of the upper class and rarely attracts more than 1,000 fans.
المركب الرياضي موﻻي عبد ‏الله

Safi: Stade Marche Verte/ Massira [7,5/10]
- Arabic: ملعب المسيرة الخضراء  (أسفي)
- Address: Av. Moulay Youssef, R 204, i.e. main road leading from east into the town. Situated halfway between old town (on the coast) and the eastern suburbs. If you are coming from N1/ Bouguedra, you go directly to the stadium. Entering Safi from El Jadida (north) or Essouira (south), follow the signs to “Medina”. Turn eastward when reaching the large roundabout with the trees in the middle and around and follow the street with all the trees planted in the middle. Coming from the south, you’ll have to pass by the old town walls to your left first, and drive up-hill before reaching the aforementioned roundabout.
- Home sides: Olympique Club Safi (OCS) [نادي أولمبيك أسفي]
- Capacity: 10,200 (200 seated/ 10,000 standing)
- Matches watched: OCS 1:0 MAT, quarter-finals of the cup (=> Report / => Pictures)
- Remarks on the ground: There are expensive tickets for the covered stand, and otherwise 20 Dh. tickets that allow you to sit and stand anywhere else on the steps. The central part of the minor stand has been teared down and is about to be rebuilt. There is a rare manual scoreboard in the rear of the home-support goal end.
- Remarks on the club: Average Moroccan professional club with quite good Ultra fans.

ربع النهائي الكاس العرش - اليمبيك اسفي مع مغرب تطاون في الملعب المسيرة

Salé: Stade Boubker Ammar [7.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب أبو بكر عمار (سلا)

- Address: Avenue Al Massira Al Khadra. Rocade (coming from Casablanca), A1 (Kenitra), or N6 (Fes) – just head towards the airport, then pass it by on your right and go straight ahead. 2km on, there is a big roundabout: straight ahead. 700m on, then left in front of the fire station or 100m more and left in front of the final stop of the tram, passing by the sports hall on your left.

- Home side: AS Salé [الجمعية الرياضية السلاوية]

- Capacity: 5,000 (2,500 seated/ 2,500 standing)

- Matches watched: ASS 1:0 MAS and ASS Espoirs 0:3 Moghreb Athletico Tetouan Espoirs (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: Parking is available all around the neighbourhood, some may charge 10 Dh. The grand stand isn’t finish, yet.

- Remarks on the club: Typical working class supporters; mostly young, passionate and aggressive men around at the matches…

Tetouan : Stade Saniat Rmel [9.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب سانية رمل (تطوان)

- Address: You find the ground on the main road N13 Martil to Tanger/ Chefchaouen. It’s very easy to find, just follow the four-lane main road

- Home sides: Maghreb Athletic Tetouan (MAT) [المغربي التطواني]

- Capacity: 10,000 (2,000 seated/ 8,000 standing)

- Matches watched: MAT 0:0 Difaa al-Hassani El-Jedida (=> Report  / => Pictures  )

- Remarks on the ground: Very Spanish, very beautiful stadium. Parking limited but available in the entir area north of the ground.

- Remarks on the club: Watch out for aggressive police forces, they may treat foreigners almost as unfriendly as fellow Moroccans. Some crackpots may want to sell you shit, even inside the stadium. All in all MAT is the most anti-social club I’ve visited in Morocco!

قمة الدوري بين المغربي التطواني و الدفاع الحسني الجديدي

Substitute Stadia GNEF 1 (1/3):
Used by professional side when home game is considered a “minor match”, regularly used by reserves, youth and women’s sides of the aforementioned club. Also used for amateur league matches (at least if match is to be played on neutral soil), or as in the cases of Agadir and Marrakech it is only used for important games.

Rabat: Complex Sportif Prince Moulay Hassan [6.0/10]
- Arabic: حسن مولاي الامير الرياضي المركب (رباط)
- Address: Rue Zagara, Rabat. The ground is situated in Hay Nahda neighbourhood. If you’re coming N1 from Salé, take the left turn to R401 which takes you to the Chellah ruins, and 4.5km south of Chellah turn left opposite Pizza Hut branch in Avenue Ahmed Reda Gdira, passing by “Label Gallery”. However it is more likely that you arrive via motorway: the connection between A3 (south from Casablanca) and A1 (north towards Tanger) is called “Rocade de Rabat”. You have to leave the Rocade at R401/ Avenue Mohammed VI and after 2km turn to the right in front of Pizza Hut/ Label Gallery. br/> - Home sides: Fath US Rabat (youth, sometimes 1st XI)
- Capacity: 5,000 (500 seated/ 4,500 standing)
- Matches watched: Morocco U17 v Algeria U17 (=> Report  / => Pictures  )
- Remarks on the ground: none.
- Remarks on the club: see Rabat, Stade Prince Moulay Abdellah.
2. Marrakesh Grand Stade 
3. Agadir: Grand Stade

GNEF 2 [13/13]: 

Ait Melloul/ Agadir : Stade Municipal [7.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البلدي بايت ملول (ايت ملول)

- Address: Coming from Leqliaa it's straight ahead on the main road, from Agadir or Tiznit use N1 and turn towards Ait Melloul centre on the roundabout with the sign towards Leqliaa (there is the prison of Ait Melloul next to the roundabout). 1.5km from the roundabout, the ground is on your right in the rear of a huge building with shops in the ground floor and crenellations on its roof.

- Home sides: Union Sportive Municipal d’Ait Melloul (USMAM) [Arab.]

- Capacity: 3,000 (3,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: USMAM 2-2 CODM Meknes (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: interestingly situated, but most seats offer only restricted view due to fences

- Remarks on the club: There are better ones, but USMAM belongs to that group of clubs from Agadir region that are known for good support

Beni Mellal: Stade Municipal [9.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البلدي ببني ملال (بني ملال)

- Address: Nameless Street next to Rue Tamkanoute. It may be difficult to find: ask for “Stade Raja Beni Mellal” or “Stade Municipal” at any café! Entering Beni Mellal from north (Fès, Khénifra), take the left one of the two big roads to the city, and the 2nd exit of the roundabout after roughly 1.5km. Then it’s 1.2km straight ahead until you see the floodlights. From south (Marrakesh), enter the city straight ahead on the roundabout. Turn right after 2.5km on the second roundabout (opposite a Petrom petrol station).

- Home sides: Raja Beni Mellal (RBM) [نادي رجاء بني ملال]

- Capacity: 8,000 (300 seated/ 7,700 standing)

- Matches watched: RBM 1:0 Wydad Fès, cup (=> Report  / => Pictures )

- Remarks on the ground: Parking for free in the street next to the ground. Most interesting architectural feature: the Kasbah-lookalike entrance, which resembles the small fort on the mountain next to the town.

- Remarks on the club: Maybe a rising star this and next season, but supporters’ base is not so big (yet?).
رجاء بني ملال و وداد الفاسي -ربع النهائي الكاس العرش في الملعب البلدي ببني ملال

Berrechid: Stade Municipal; as construction works are underway, Youssoufia Berrechid play their home matches at Stade Pere Jego in Casablanca (20km away from their ground), see there for more information!

Casablanca: Complexe Sportif Bernoussi [9.5/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البرنوصي (البيضاء دار)

- Address: Leave the city motorway A2 at the exit “Sidi Bernoussi” and enter the neighbourhood (north-west of the motorway, i.e. coming from Rabat turn right). There is a mosque on your right after 300m: turn left there. 1km on, there is another mosque: turn right there. You’ll reach the ground after 300 more metres.

- Home sides: Rachad Bernoussi (RB) [الرشاد البرنوصي]

- Capacity: 6,000 (6,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: RB 2:1 USMAM (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: One of the most interesting grounds in Morocco, as the stands are really strangely and asymmetrically built.

- Remarks on the club: attendance is low and there are literally no fans or ultras.

Casablanca: Stade Pére Jègo [7.5/10]
- Arabic: جيكو الأب ملعب (البيضاء دار)
- Address: Boulevard Omar Al Khiam/ Boulevard Al Abtal. Next to the old Anfa military airstrip, there are tens of tennis-, football-, rugby pitches etc. around. Coming via A5, N11, N1, head towards Anfa/ Maarif. 1km after that spaghetti junction N1/ N11/ Route d’El Jadida, leave Route El Jadida to the left into Avenue de Sports. Turn left into the street between the two sports grounds, at the end of the road the fourth sports area to the right is your destination.
- Home sides: Racing Athletic Club de Casablanca (RAC) [الراسينغ], temporary also Youssoufia Berrechid
- Capacity: 10,000 (7,500 seated/ 2,500 standing)
- Matches watched: Racing v Tihad, Youssoufia Berrechid 1:1 JSKT (=> Report  / => Pictures  )
- Remarks on the ground: tickets are sold directly at the main entrance, uniform price. Supporters of the visiting side usually take a seat on that side of the partially covered grand stand which is next to the entrance, Racing Ultras can be found on the other edge of the grand stand. There is rarely anybody sitting at the goal end or the opposite stand.
- Remarks on the club: Racing is one of the oldest Moroccan clubs and the stadium is named after one of the first Moroccan professional players. Their “Green Fans” are a group of young Raja-Ultras.

Houara/ Ouled Taima; Chabab Houara: as construction works are underway at Stade 16 Novembre, Chabab Houara play their home matches at Stade Municipal in Taroudante (40km away from their ground); see substitution grounds.

Kasbah Tadla: Stade Municipal [7.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البلدي قصبة تادلة (قصبة تادلة)

- Address: The ground is situated directly at the main road to the town centre, when leaving the National Road from Marrakesh to Fes; Coming from Casablanca, you can follow the signs to Fès and when having crossed the river, you’ll find the ground on your left.

- Home sides: Jeunesse sportive de Kasbah Tadla (JSKT) [قصبة تادلة شباب الرياضي]

- Capacity: 5,300 (5,300 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: JSKT 2:1 Rachad Bernoussi (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: average 2nd division ground

- Remarks on the club: attendance isn’t so huge usually, but there are some derbys (Beni Mellal, Kasbah Tadla) where the stands are packed.
شباب قصبة تادلة و الرشاد البرنوصي
Khémisset: Stade Municipale 20 Aôut [7.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب 20 غوشت (خميسات)

- Address: Rue Ibn Sina, corner Rue Tawfik Hakim, i.e. on the left side of the regional road from the motorway to Sidi Slimane. When arriving from Meknes or Tiflet on the national road, just turn left (or in case of Tiflet right) on the big round about where you also have sings pointing you to the sports venue.

- Home sides: Ittihad Zemmouri Khémisset (IZK) [الاتحاد الزموري الخميسات]

- Capacity: 2,500 (1,500 seated/ 1,000 standing)

- Matches watched: U17 and U15 of IZK v USM Oujda (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: Rather small stadium with old stands but new artificial turf

- Remarks on the club: only watched their youth, not the 2nd division team

بطولة الشباب في ملعب البلدي بخميسات : اتحاد زموري و اتحاد الاسلامي وجدة

 => Stade 18 Novembre (Khemisset)

Khénifra: Stade Municipal [7.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البلدي بالمدينة خنيفرة (خنيفرة)

- Address: The ground is situated directly at the main road from Marrakesh to Fes, right in the middle of the town. When coming from Jebel Irhoud (i.e. East), go straight ahead until reaching the main road and turn right towards Fes then (the ground is on the left-hand side). The R407 from Zaiane Region ends up in a roundabout, there you have to turn right towards Marrakesh, shortly after that you’ll see the ground on your right.

- Home sides: Chabab Atlas Khenifra (CAK, or CAKH) [شباب اطلس خنيفرة]

- Capacity: 5,000 (5,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: CAK Dames 9:0 Azrou, women’s cup (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: One of the smallest grounds in the higher levels. Lately renovated and therefore in unusually fine conditions compared to most stadia in Morocco.

- Remarks on the club: The stadium is often crowded when their 2nd Div. team plays, so make sure to arrive an hour prior kick-off.
كاس العرش لالكرة القدم النسوي - شباب اطلس خنيفرة و نجاح ازرو

Laâyoune: Stade Moulay Rachid [5.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب مولاي رشيد
- Address: N5 to Smara, after crossing the river, turn left and then immediately right, straight ahead, second left, then left twice and follow the main road for 1.5km after the stadium appears on your left.

- Home sides: Jeunesse Sportive Massira Laâyoune (JSM) [
شباب المسيرة العيون], Mouloudia Laâyoune (ML) u.a.

- Capacity: 2,000 (0 seated/ 2,000 standing)

- Matches watched: JSM 0:1 CODM Meknés (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: when Cheikh Laghdaf Stadium is renovated, the men's team will move to that bigger ground and only their youths and women's sides will remain in Moulay Rachid Stadium

- Remarks on the club: longest away game distances in Morocco are to this club. If you enter the ground as foreigner, police may questioning you for a few minutes about your itinerary and personal datas, but watching a match and taking pictures is no problem.   

Meknès: Stade d’Honneur [9.0/10]

- Arabic: الملعب الشرفي لمدينة مكناس (مكناس)

- Address: Boulevard Moulay Youssef, near train station of the new town. Coming from Fès by N4, you have to turn left after the train station, right after a football ground to the right and then left directly after. Via motorway and N13 follow the signs.

- Home sides: Club Omnisport De Meknès (CODM) [النادي الرياضي المكناسي]

- Capacity: 12,000 (12,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: CODM 1:5 Chabab Atlas Khenifra (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: Surely one of the best grounds in Morocco with stone benches and impressive grand stand. Parking should be available at the Carrefour market.

- Remarks on the club: They had better times…

الملعب الشرفي لمدينة مكناس

Laâyoune: Moulay Rachid

Mohammédia: Stade El Bachir [8.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب البشير (المحمدية)

- Address: Bvd. des Zenatas. From Casa on the motorway: exit motorway on Mohammedia Ouest, pass by the TOTAL refinery on your right and turn right in the round-about (the coastal road from Casa connects there) next to it. Then straight ahead on the next roundabout and 1.2km to the intersection with the Shell petrol station, there you have to turn left. Leaving the motorway on Mohammedia Est (direction from Rabat), follow the signs to the city centre, go straight ahead until you reach the intersection with the Shell on your right (ca. 6km).

- Home sides: Union Mohammedia (UM) [نادي اتحاد المحمدية الرياضي] and Chabab/ Jeunesse Mohammedia (CHM) [الشباب المحمدية]

- Capacity: 15,000 (150 seated/ 14,850 standing)

- Matches watched: Union 0:2 CODM Meknes (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: very rundown, and therefore worth visiting

- Remarks on the club: Union has some anti-social young supporters that often attack away fans.

بطولة القسم الثاني : اتحاد المحمدية و نادي المكناسي في ملعب البشير

OUJDA: Stade Honneur:
see Botola 1: Berkane!

Témara: Stade Municipal Yacoub El Mansour [6.5/10]

- Arabic: الملعب البلدي "يعقوب المنصور" بتمارة (لتمارة)

- Address: Next to the motorway A3 Casablanca – Rabat; coming from Casa leave the motorway at exit Témara, turn right and immediately left in front of the fire station. After 400m left, then there is the stadium after 300m right-hand-side. Arriving via N1, just follow the motorway signs at the roundabout and turn right at the firestation.

- Home sides: Union Sportive de Témara (UST) [الاتحاد لتمارة]

- Capacity: 2,000 (2,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: UST 1-0 Rachad Bernoussi (=> Report / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: small but nice, very well artificial turf.

- Remarks on the club: minor club with ridiculous supporters scene, often free admission

الاتحاد تمارة و الرشاد برنوصي - بطولة القسم الثاني

Tanger: Grand Stade de Tanger/ Ibn Batouta [8.0/10]

- Arabic: ملعب الكبير الطنجة "ابن بطوطة" [طنجة]

- Address: Directly at the main road to the city centre; leave A1/ A4 at the intersection and follow the signs towards city centre. 5km after the toll collection box, you pass by the airport. 4km straight on, and the huge stadium is on the left.

- Home sides: Ittihad Riadi Tanger (IRT) [اتحاد رياضي طنجة]

- Capacity: 45,000 (45,000 seated/ 0 standing)

- Matches watched: IRT 2-2 Chabab Kasbah Tadla (=> Report  / => Pictures)

- Remarks on the ground: one of the three very modern and tidy Moroccan stadiums.

- Remarks on the club: A shame they are only at 2nd level having that huge, impressive crowd!
اتحاد طنجة مع شباب قصبة تادلة : بطولة القسم الثاني في الملعب الطنجة الكبير

Substitution Grounds GNF 2: 0/1
Stade Municipal de Taroudante (Chabab Houara).
not in use this season; Khemisset: 18 Novembre (formerly big matches only), Laayoune: Cheikh Laghdaf (formerly big matches only), Tanger: Marchane (formerly: youth, reserves, women only).

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